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20 Things Better Than Going to a Frat Party

The U.S. has over 5,500 fraternity chapters, which means a lot of parties. And yet, if you’ve been to one frat party, you’ve basically been to them all. There are plenty of better ways to spend your Friday night than sweating profusely in an unfinished basement while some guy screams at you about his high school lacrosse team. In fact, here’s 20.


1. Eating pasta

2. Eating pizza

3. Eating sushi

4. Eating french fries

5. Eating everything (sometimes all at once)

6. Giving yourself a manipedi

7. Binge-watching SATC

8. Losing all sense of time and space while decorating your future kitchen on Pinterest

9. Reading a really good book (here are 13 recommendations!)

10. Drinking tea with your pinky up like the MF queen you are

11. Organizing your underwear drawer by color 

12. Tweezing your eyebrows to perfection

13. Aimlessly browsing Netflix until you watch The Office for the 100th time 


15. Trying to dance like Kristen Wiig

16. Creeping Matt Bellassai on Twitter for hours because he is that funny

17. Meditating

18. “Online window shopping” aka putting a bunch of things in your cart until you remember you have $4 and close all your tabs in defeat 

19. Counting your pores/popping your blackheads/basically being a monkey

20. Doing absolutely NOTHING

Enjoy your night in, Collegiettes!


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