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20 Lessons You Can Only Learn at UConn

The most important lessons aren’t learned in classrooms. And after four years, there are some very important things that you can only learn if you go to ~unbiasedly, of course~ the best school in the world.


1.  Farms are kind of cool

Because nothing will de-stress you like visiting the baby cows.

2.  Basketball is fun

You’ll find yourself cheering in Gampel even if you knew literally nothing about sports before stepping into the building. And you’ll actually understand what’s going on.

3.  The best ice cream is homemade ice cream

And the best homemade ice cream is Dairy Bar ice cream.

4.  Huskies are the best dogs

I mean, obviously.

5.  Giving back is the best thing you can do

And there are infinite opportunities to do so, whether it is on alternative breaks, through Community Outreach, or at HuskyTHON.

6.  You can’t knock something until you try it

You might be pleasantly surprised by anything, from actually sitting down to do work in the library to joining Greek Life, so get involved!

7.  You can do anything outdoors

Including finishing your homework or conducting club meetings—just find a spot on the Union quad.

8.  Fitness is important

Whether you get your miles on the treadmills or walking from one side of campus to the other in the 15-minute class break.

9.  If you can master bus-tracking, you can succeed in anything

Seriously, if you can figure it out you will be someone’s literal hero.

10.  The friendships you make out of pure convenience sometimes end up being the most important

I’m talking about your random freshman roommate or that girl you once asked for notes because she didn’t have horrible RBF.

11.  There is always room for improvement

Not-so-subtle subtweet at the fact that there is literally always construction somewhere on campus. But hey, without it, we wouldn’t have anything in Storrs Center.

12.  Change isn’t always bad

Like when you finally learn to embrace the new Husky logo and all the symmetry it provides.

13.  You’re never too old for some school spirit

Have you seen the older alumni at some of the basketball games? They might be more hype than the student section (well, not really, but they try).

14.  And riots are fun

#tbt to winning dual championships in 2014.

15.    The best classes are not your major classes

I’m thinking about you, Floral Arts, Urban Studies 1300, and the classic FYE.

16.  Growing up isn’t that scary

Honestly, nothing is that scary with UConn Career Services helps you write a resume and find a job.

17.  Connecticut is pretty

Who would’ve thought?

18.  The best way to succeed is to work hard….

And that’s inevitable at a top university.


19.  But play harder

And by “play”, I mean “nickel.”

20.  People lie

Like when they don’t go to UConn and actually think that their school is the best school. At least we all know the truth.


Jackie is a senior at UConn studying Actuarial Science and Finance. She's low-key addicted to alternative breaks, Netflix and Lifesaver "Wint O Green" mints. In her free time, she enjoys ordering late night food, pretending to be sporty, and throwing impromptu dance parties in her room. You can find her on Twitter @xowackiejackie.
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