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18 Times Seinfeld Described Dating in Your 20s

Despite Seinfeld being the show “about nothing,” we found it filled with relatable content for our lives. These four eccentric characters figured out dating long before we were born. We all wish we were dating like Jerry, but we find ourselves ending up more like George. Here’s 18 times Seinfeld described dating in your 20s. 


1. When you get real with your Tinder matches: 

2. When you’re going through a dry spell: 

3. When you realize the root cause of all relationships:

4. When you figure out the real reason why you’re single:

5. When you see couples with excessive PDA: 

6. When you sum up your whole dating experience:

7. When you reveal the big secret to your SO:

8. When your SO complains you’re not open enough: 

9. When your friends try to set you up with someone: 

10. When a strange man hits on you at the bar:

11. When you start to question everything: 

12. When your priorities get in the way: 

13. When you’re in a crowded singles bar: 

14. When you look at the dating pool around you:

15. When you cut to the chase introducing yourself: 

16. When you need someone more on your level: 

17. When you find out the secret to long term relationships: 

18. When you’re finally single again: 


We know that dating in your 20s can be pretty hard, so make sure you air your grievances next Festivus! 

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