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15 Ways You Know Senioritis Has Kicked In

Senioritis: noun. A crippling disease that strikes college seniors. Symptoms include: laziness, an over-excessive wearing of sweatpants, leggings or yoga pants. Also features, a lack of studying, repeated absences, and a generally dismissive attitude. They only known cure is a phenomenon known as Graduation. If you have experienced any of the following, you may be inflicted with Senioritis.

1. Your reaction to your professor telling you to review the course syllabus:

2. The feeling of trying to get out of bed is comparable to:

3. It’s a Tuesday and you find yourself going out 

4. But then the next day in class you are like:

5. You begin to realize that “C” in Chemistry will not determine your future

6. But then midterms come out of nowhere and you are like:

7. Freshmen-year-you when you got a bad grade:

vs. Senior-year-you:

8. You are sitting in class feeling like:

9. You get out of class and you are like:

10. You can watch Netflix for five hours straight, but then trying to read one article is just straight up painful

11. Your note-taking skills slowly start to dwindle down to:

12. You suddenly don’t care about being early for class anymore

13. You stop trying to impress people 

14. You feel an increased desire to rebel (skipping class, parking in unauthorized parking spots & getting a little too carried away at Nickel Night are all potential symptoms)

15. You develop a strong fear of the question: “What are your plans for after graduation?”

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