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1.  Gus Kentworthy


Age: 22         Team: USA         Sport: Slopestyle

Blonde, blue-eyed, AND adopts stray puppies?  I’m in.


2.  Jonathan Toews

Age: 25         Team: Canada         Sport:  Ice Hockey

O Canada…..  


3.  Silje Norendal          


Age: 20         Team: Norway         Sport: Snowboarding 

She should get a gold just for her eyebrows.  #browgamestrong


4.  Johnny Oduya  

Age: 32         Team:  Sweden         Sport: Ice Hockey

That trophy isn’t just for his skills in the rink…


5.  Henrik Lundqvist  

Age: 31         Team: Sweden         Sport: Ice Hockey

I mean can we just appreciate this man…   


6.  Lucas Eguibar   

Age: 19         Team: Spain         Sport: Snowboarding


7.  Sho Kashima   

Age: 27         Team: USA         Sport: Freestyle Skiing


8.  Aja Evans   

Age: 25         Team: USA         Sport: Bobsled

Tyra would be proud of that smize.


9.     Nick Goepper  

Age: 19         Team: USA         Sport: Slopestyle

America the beautiful…


10.   Anna Sidorova   

Age: 23         Team: Russia         Sporting: Curling

Meanwhile, in Russia…


11.  Rebecca “Possum” Torr   

Age: 23         Team: New Zealand         Sport: Snowboarding


12.  Mark McMorris   

Age: 20         Team: Canada         Sport: Snowboarding

Canada, you’ve done it again.


13. Joel Fearon   

Age: 25         Team: United Kingdom         Sport: Bobsled


14.  Tobias Wendl     


Age: 26         Team: Germany        Sport: Luge

Orange is my new favorite color…


15.  Alissa Czisny   

Age: 26         Team: USA         Sport: Figure Skating


Happy Winter Games!  

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Nikki is the Campus Correspondent & Editor in Chief for Her Campus UConn.  She is a senior majoring in Communication with a minor in HDFS.  Nikki wishes she was Beyoncé, worships Adele, eats more pasta than is probably recommended, and is a Ravenclaw at heart.   If you have any questions or concerns regarding Her Campus UConn, you can email her at nicoleharris@hercampus.com.
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