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13 Best Things About Having a Little Sister

1. You have always had two closests. Whether she likes and/or knows it or not

2. She has been your shoulder to cry on

3. ...And person to confide in- even for all of your boy problems

4. You have always had a #1 fan, and you have always been hers in return

5. Because of her, you have learned how to protect someone. No one is allowed to pick on your little sister, except you

6. She doesn't judge you for your weird habits


7. You have had someone to be brutally honest with

8. She has believed in you, sometimes more than you believed in yourself

9. You have someone to be goofy with 

10. ...And have plenty of crazy times with

11. You have always had a teammate when convincing your parents of something

12. You've never wanted to bring a friend on a family vacation because you have always had her

13. You have realized friends and boyfriends may come and go but your little sister is forever

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