12 UConn Mysteries We're Still Trying to Figure Out

Everyone has those thoughts while walking around campus or daydreaming in their lecture about why things are the way they are at UConn. No matter how hard you try to reason or make sense of things, you always ends up with a headache and more confusion. We compiled the best myths, legends, and head-scratching thoughts we have about UConn. Check them out:


1.  The alarmingly glowing red room in the ITE building

The lone room's mysterious red glow makes us not even want to know what's going on in there. We get the whole evil-villain's-lair vibe.


2.  The ghost of Holcomb Hall

The ghost of Ella Spurge, a student who died on campus a long time ago, still haunts the halls of this dorm in East. Students as well as RAs claim she still is roaming around UConn and swear that she sets off the fire alarms and jiggles door handles.


3.The popularity of unicycles 

Who exactly knows when this trend started and why, but we hope it doesn't stop anytime soon.  Everytime I see someone riding by me on one, I can’t help but smile and also laugh a little bit due to the randomness of it. UConn is not necessarily a unicycle-friendly campus with its hilly terrain and multitude of stairs, but these conditions don't stop these dedicated people.



We’re still not over this.  Students are outraged; petitions and angry grumblings have been swarming around campus over the latest dining hall scandal. Why aren’t there actual beef patties served at all anymore? The "healthier diet” B.S. ploy isn’t convincing us to try this unwanted half-mushroom half-beef burger option. Why are you doing this to us? Will we ever get them back? What about anyone allergic to mushrooms? So many questions. #ThanksSusan


5. The fact that it rains every Tuesday

At this point we’re used to it, but it’s not any less weird.


6. You always see that one person you don’t want to

Even on a campus of about 20,000 students, you still always seem to run into that one person you don't want to. We just want to eat our HuskyTracks ice cream in peace!


7. Only one of the seven bus lines stopping at North & North West

This may be the biggest mystery of UConn. The buses are a phenomena of their own… Why are they always late? Why do they barely run on the weekends? Why is the tracker feature always down on the myUConn app? The world may never know.


8. The terrible odor from the tall grass near Oak Hall

We are in Connecticut so why do we have these grasses that make us feel like we’re with Simba in the Pride Lands? They aren’t even remotely aesthetically pleasing enough for people to put up with the horrible smell.


9. The Union no longer mixing salads

You never know a good thing ‘til it’s gone. The Union had that magic touch of mixing your crispy chicken, croutons, and the rest of your build-your-own salad perfectly. We just can't do it like the Union can without spilling it all over the place and officially want to bring back this service. #BringBackStudentUnionSaladMixing


10. Building a wind tunnel campus for a New England school

Who let two brothers from Texas design a campus without properly filling them in on the climate and weather here?! The wind tunnel design might be fine for a school in the hot southern states, but not for New England schools that experience all four seasons (ESPECIALLY WINTER).  Those UConn winds you feel? Yeah, you can thank whoever approved the design for the campus.


11. The correlation between stepping on the seal and not graduating

Regardless of this legend’s unknown origins, no one is taking any chances by walking on it.  If you step on the seal are you really a true Husky?


12.The dining halls serving the best meals on your most inconveinent days 

It’s like South knows to serve warm chocolate chip pancakes or delicious French toast sticks on the days you oversleep and are still doing your hair while running to class.  


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