11 Things We All Do While Waiting for a Snow Day

Winter can be a hit or miss kind of season but snow days are obviously a hit.  With the weather getting warmer and warmer as we get closer to spring, we're crossing for at least one more snow day before winter is officially over. Waiting for classes to be cancelled can get the best of us, and we refuse to accept defeat. I mean, come on? Who wants to take that exam anyway?


1.  Crying tears of joy even when there is only a 10% chance it is going to snow for about an hour.


2.  Checking the weather forecast like it's your job.


3.  Not doing anything school related because you KNOW classes will be canceled, they MUST be.  Even if teachers say you still have that exam tomorrow.


4.  Saying a last minute prayer to ensure there won't be class.


5.  Looking out the window for snow as soon as you wake up.


6.  Waiting for that no school text from UConn like:


7.  …… 1 hour goes by, no text to be found.

8.  20 minutes until your first class starts and still no text but you're still holding on to your last shred of hope that the cancelation will come.


9.  Wow… ok I guess it’s time to go? Maybe? No?


10. *Finally steps out into casual blizzard* *UConn cancels classes 10 minutes before your 8 am*     


11. Immediately running back to your dorm to sleep until 12 pm.



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