10 Ways to Take Your Love for Pumpkin Spice to Unholy Levels

*me pounding PSL after PSL*


If you think Pumpkin Spice is just for lattes and white, Christian, girls, you’ve been missing out. Pumpkin spice ROCKS and there’s a reason people lose their minds for it. This post is for all the veteran Pumpkin Spicers out there. For us connoisseurs, pumpkin spice isn’t a flavor, it’s a lifestyle. This post is for the select few whose adoration for pumpkin spice knows no bounds. To these elite, we bring you the most innovative ways to up your PS game. 


How to Eat, Breath, LIVE, Pumpkin Spice…


Pumpkin Spice Flavor

This one is a no brainer. Why buy your PSL when you can make your own every other hour? Having your own stash will enable you to flavor, not just your drinks, but your food too! Need I say more?


Pumpkin Pie Chapstick

Ask your crush if he wants to taste the flavor of ~fall~. (And subsequently get presented with a restraining order). 


Spicey Car Fresheners 

Get enveloped by pumpkin spice while you drive to buy your pumpkin spice lattes. 


Pumpkin Mug Cakes

Keep your PS game strong, even when your baking skills are weak.


Pumpkin Chia Shampoo/Conditioner

The next step towards your final evolution into a Pumpkin Spice goddess. 


Fan Merch

Forget representing your school, represent your love. 


Pumpkin Spice Dog Treats

Hey, share the love right? If you love pumpkin spice, and your dog love you, the transitive property would lead us to only one conclusion. Your dog ALSO loves pumpkin spice. 


PS Flavored Tooth-paste

Why taste mint after your pumpkin spice latte when you could taste MORE pumpkin spice? 


Pumpkin Spice Beard Oil

Pumpkin spice isn’t a girl thing, it’s a human thing. Send this to all the ~spicy~ bois in your life. 


PS Booze

This takes “drunk off pumpkin spice” to another level...