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10 Ways to Celebrate Turning 21 at UConn

Your 21st birthday is one of the best things to look forward to in college- it’s the day that officially marks being able to drink legally for the rest of your life. It means you no longer have to pray you won’t get carded at the package store, and you can order a drink at dinner without thinking twice. Gone are the days of the gross frat party basements (hopefully), you’ve officially graduated to real grown-up bars. Whether you’ve been partying since freshman year or the drinking scene isn’t really your style, you deserve to celebrate your birthday however you want. Check out some of our ideas for how you can celebrate turning 21 here at UConn.


1. Chug a Beaver at Ted’s

It’s a UConn tradition that every Husky needs to try at least once. And don’t forget to tell them it’s your birthday for a free T-shirt.


2. Go to your “first” Nickel night

There’s no better way to celebrate your 21st than getting (legally!) really drunk for cheap in an overcrowded bar.


3. Split a Scorpion Bowl with your roommate at Oriental Café

Who wouldn’t want to celebrate with a drink the size of your face? Bonus points if you finish it by yourself. Oriental Café also has the best sushi near campus, so feel free to treat yourself to a birthday dinner while you’re there! 


4. Eat 21 Insomnia Cookies

You don’t need a birthday cake when you have Insomnia. They’ll deliver milk and cookies to your dorm until 3 a.m.- the perfect ending to your first legal night of drinking. 


5. Have a margarita at Chuck’s

Not only does Chuck’s Steakhouse and Margarita Grill have amazing Mexican food, they also have an extensive drink menu with just about every kind of margarita you can imagine. Margs and burritos might just be the perfect birthday combination, making Chuck’s the perfect spot for your B-day festivities. 


6. Pick up your Birthday Box from Wellness and Prevention Services

UConn’s Wellness and Prevention Services’ Alcohol and Other Drug Education Office has a b-day gift for you. Before your 21st, just stop by their office in Wilson Hall with your student ID to pick it up a box filled with birthday surprises. 


7. Have a beer at the Nathan Hale Inn

If you’re looking for more of a low-key legal first drink, head over to the bar in the Nathan Hale Inn. Their atmosphere is more relaxed than other bars on campus, which makes it the perfect spot to have a few beers with friends. 


8. Have dinner and drinks at Geno’s

If you want to celebrate this birthday the classy way, Geno’s is the perfect place to get dressed up and have a glass of wine over a great meal with friends. Or if you’re on a budget, check out Chuck & Augie’s in the Union- you can use points there! 


9. Try 21 different flavors at the UConn Dairy Bar

If drinking isn’t really your thing (or even if it is), treat yourself to some ice cream at the Dairy Bar. Instead of taking shots, taste-test 21 different flavors of ice cream. They also have amazing ice cream cakes and sundaes, so go crazy, Birthday Girl. Everyone know calories don’t count on your birthday. 


10. Adopt 21 Husky Puppies

Hey, why not.? It’s your birthday, you can do whatever you want.

Remember to drink responsibly, Collegiettes! 



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