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10 UConn Things That Scare Me More Than a F*ckboy Can

Send this article to your guy friends, your brothers, or (if you’re feeling risky) to your potential new boo thang just so they know that no matter what type of foolishness they try to pull on us, we got bigger fish to fry and plenty of more things to be worried about.

1. The thought of tripping down the Student Union stairs 

2. Falling victim to spontaneous rainfall while I’m waiting for the bus (which is most likely late or not coming) 

3. ANY 1000 Level Course


 4. UConn Squirrels: cute but you never know what they could do…

5. The Blended Burger, what even is it exactly???

6. The Busby Hill

7.  “Imitation” Sea food in the dining halls.


8. Having to take someone’s clothes out of the washer cause they’re taking too long. 

9. Not finding a place to study at the library


10. Dunkin running out of cream for our coffee



Sorry boys, you’re great and all but we can’t be worrying about your nonsense when we clearly have dozens of much more important things to be concerned with. 

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