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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Conn chapter.

1. The Alpha 

This person takes control of everything in the project, which is somewhat of a relief…until they criticize everyone else for not stepping up and being as prompt as they are. 

2. The Alpha (who hates presenting) 

This person has everything finished before the professor can even finish explaining the project but when it comes time to present, they refuse to say a word. 

3. The Useless 

No group project would be complete without the one person who is absolutely useless. They pitch terrible ideas and everyone else nods and smiles, all in mutual agreement that the idea will never be used in the project. 

4. The Random 

This person is going to probably send weird things in the group chat as if you are friends, rather than academic group partners. Unless you are truly friends out of the group, do not send your personal problems in a group chat. 

5. The Flake 

The flake is someone who always makes an excuse as to why they couldn’t make it to the meeting, or they couldn’t do their assignment on time. Everyone has things that come up that make them miss their deadlines, but if you never get anything done and have an excuse for every time, then you’re just an awful group partner and you should do better. 

6. The Complainer 

The complainer is someone you can totally count on, to do absolutely nothing productive. This person is at every single meeting but all they do is complain. They understand nothing and make no effort at all to figure it out. They’re constantly texting your group chat explaining how annoying your project is or how they don’t get how to do something. If you’ve got nothing valuable to contribute, don’t say anything at all. We’re all confused, let’s not talk about it.

7. The Flirt 

Much like The Random, this person is constantly saying things unrelated to the project, whether it be asking where they should go for lunch or what everyone is doing Saturday night. And don’t worry, they’ll be sure to let everyone know how great of a job they did after it’s over. 

8. The Missing Person 

Who are they? Where are they? Do they ever even come to class? Did they die? Nobody knows.

9. The Submarine 

50 messages into the group chat they pop in with “Sounds good.” What “sounds good,” Sharon? What “sounds good?” But don’t worry, five days later she’ll let you know she’s half-way done with her part. 


10. The Partier 

You know you have a presentation due Friday during discussion, but that doesn’t stop Brad from taking full advantage of Nickel Night and having a hangover so bad that he’s too busy puking to make it to class. And when he does finally show up and the presentation is finally over, he proceeds to show you videos of him puking at 2 am the night before. #ThanksBrad

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Molly Claire is a Journalism and Communication double major at UConn. She has a weird thing for killer whales, is a Hufflepuff, probably watches way more reality tv than is recommended. Molly's guilty pleasures include Shawn Mendes, pasta, and sunglasses collecting. She is in her fourth year as a pescatarian, and sometimes even she forgets. Molly's favorite things to blog about include college, greek life, travel, and The Bachelor. Check out her personal blog here and her other social media @mollyclairexo on Instagram and Twitter. 
Chelsea is a senior undergraduate at the University of Connecticut. She is pursuing a degree in Digital Media & Design with a concentration in business strategies, as well as a minor in Communications. She holds one of the Marketing & Design chairs for her school's chapter of Her Campus.