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10 Things You See When it’s 50°F at UConn

Every college campus thrives in the springtime.  The sun is shining, flowers bloom, our cabin fever subsides, what more could you ask for? (Other than it actually be springtime and not just a random warm day)  Here’s 10 telltale signs that the temperature has broken 50°F here at UConn, whether spring is in the air or not.  

1. We rock our sunnies.

2. Everybody wears a tee shirt, preferably a UConn one.  

3. Your local frat boy breaks out his salmon shorts.  

4. You get hit with a Frisbee.

5. Somebody is carrying a blanket to sit on the Union quad.  

6. You hear the faint bass from a darty on Hunting Lodge.

7. You really have to dodge runners and bikers.

8. More than a few people are sipping on a smoothie.

9. Baseball hats return.

10. Suddenly the sidewalks are crowded af.

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