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10 Things to Do at UConn Before You Graduate

As we near the spring semester, many seniors are feeling the pressure to make the most of what is left of their UConn experience. Whether you’re a UConn senior or an underclassman looking to make the most of your experience (like me), I’ve compiled a list of 10 things that you must do at UConn before you graduate!

1. Eat at every dining hall

What’s the college experience without dining halls? At UConn, we are lucky to have 8 different ones on campus. Although some UConn dining halls are better than others, it is vital (and a cool challenge) to try them all to see which is your favorite.

2. Watch the sunset on Horsebarn Hill

This is probably one of the most popular bucket list activities for UConn students, but it really is a fun thing to do with your friends on campus. I am a sucker for a good sunset, and you can’t beat the views at Horsebarn Hill. The Rec Center even offers sunset yoga on Horsebarn Hill a few times a year, which is also a really fun thing to do!

3. Attend a men’s or women’s basketball game

With UConn being nicknamed the “Basketball Capital of the World,” every student must go to a basketball game before they graduate. There’s no better way to show off your school spirit!

4. Visit the Dairy Bar

Another iconic part of UConn is the Dairy Bar, made from the milk of our lovely campus cows. If you do not want to make the trip to the Dairy Bar, once a year UConn holds a one-ton sundae event where you can fill an entire bucket with Dairy Bar ice cream! Either way is equally delicious.

5. Get Involved!

With so many clubs and organizations at UConn, it is so easy to get involved on campus. Go visit the Involvement Fair at the start of each semester and see what interests you!

6. Rub Jonathan’s nose for good luck before an exam

Jonathan’s statue is our good luck charm here on campus. Before any exam or final, make sure to rub his nose for good luck!

7. Paint the spirit rock

Another iconic tradition at UConn is to paint the spirit rock with a club or organization that you are a part of! You will find that it is constantly getting painted over, so it is cool to stop by and see how often it changes.

8. Participate in HuskyThon

HuskyThon is a year-round philanthropic event that raises money for Connecticut Children’s Hospital. The fundraiser ends with an 18-hour dance marathon! I find that many students at UConn participate in this amazing event, and it is also for such an amazing cause.

9. Sled down Horsebarn Hill

UConn is no stranger to cold winters, so we certainly get a lot of snow here. Grab a sled (or anything that can take you down the hill) and sled down Horsebarn Hill with your friends!

10. Take a class just for fun

UConn certainly does have its fair share of difficult classes, so it is important to take courses that you are interested in! It is a great way to balance out your schedule if you have room to do so.

Those were my top 10 bucket list items to complete at UConn before you graduate. Make sure to enjoy your four years here, because they certainly go by fast!

Emily is a sophomore at the University of Connecticut double majoring in Secondary Mathematics Education and Mathematics. In her free time, she likes to go on runs, spend time with family and friends, watch sunsets, and eat ice cream.
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