10 Things to Be Thankful for at UConn


1. UConn Ice Cream

Even as we approach winter, there’s no decrease in our appreciation for the bomb ice cream that is available to us by the bucketload in the dining hall. Graham Central? Slaps. Chocolate Lovers? Fire. We also can’t forget about the delicious ice cream that is sold exclusively at the Dairy Bar. Is UConn’s ice cream so fattening that it isn’t FDA approved? Yes. And that’s exactly how we like it. 


2. Soop Doop

No matter how gloomy the weather is, or how stressed you might be, there’s one person on campus who will always make your day better. Sitting in the Union and hearing “Soop doop baby let’s get it” is a surefire way to brighten any UConn student’s day. With his positivity and genuine kindness to each of us, we are so thankful to have someone as wholesome as Soop Doop on campus. 


3. Horsebarn Hill

Seeing as UConn is notably in the middle of “cow-town”, it’s no surprise that one of the best spots on campus is called Horsebarn Hill; the beautiful view from the top of the hill is the perfect backdrop for sunset yoga, picnics with your friends, and, if you’re willing to wake up that early, watch the sunrise over campus. It’s the best place to relax, make memories, and get some good content for your Instagram. 


4. Ling1010

Minimal work, optional lectures, an online and open note final, and a bonus exam if you need it. Could you really ask for a better gen ed? 


5. Wings from Late Night

Whether you’ve just gotten back from a party, journeyed back from Huskies, or haven’t left your room for hours, the craving for wings always manages to sneak in--and once it’s there, it won’t leave until it’s satisfied. If you don’t have the money to ball out on Wings Over, the wings from Late Night at the Union are the perfect solution; they taste amazing, they’re nearby, and you can get them with points so they’re basically free. 


6. Nickel

Four drinks for a dollar. Need we say more? 


7. The New Rec Center

If you’re like me, then you usually have little to no motivation to go to the gym, so the fact that even I now enjoy going to the Rec Center is really saying something. The new gym is definitely a huge upgrade from our old one, both in functionality and aesthetics. There’s so many fun classes to try, machines that don’t require a long wait, and a Freshens inside the building so you don’t have to go too far to get yourself a post-workout reward. 


8. Our Good Boy

We may be a little biased, but Jonathan is definitely the cutest and goodest mascot there is. Walking to class and experiencing a random Jonathan sighting is one of the best parts of living on campus, and we’re so thankful we get to be in the presence of our adorable mascot. 


9. Women’s Basketball

We can’t discuss all the great things about UConn and not mention our women’s basketball team. There’s nothing more exciting than rushing to Gampel to sit in the student section and cheer on our team as they kill it, game after game. 


10. The Students

There's always an abundance of cool things happening on campus, all thanks to our amazing peers. Between events put on by the Cultural Centers, student-led protests, or even group screams in the center of campus organized on Buy or Sell, there's never a dull moment on campus. As cheesy as it sounds, it's these opportunities that not only let us get involved and impact change, but also introduce us to our people and make UConn feel that much more like home. 

Happy Thanksgiving and have a fun and safe holiday season!