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10 Struggles of Snowy Days at UConn

Most of the time, UConn it the best place on earth. But when it snows, we all know it’s basically hell (except worse because at least hell is warm).  Here are some top snowy struggles.

You brave the cold to get to the dining hall but wear so many layers that you can’t even move.

You try to walk to class but there’s only one path through the snow and everyone is using it.

You innocently walk next to Gentry but suddenly snow falls off the roof (this really does happen so consider yourself warned).

You start slipping and the only logical thing to do to save your reputation is to try to break dance.

Everyone is slipping and you think to yourself, “maybe Elsa is not a cartoon and she has moved to Storrs”.

You try to catch a bus but the oh-so-unreliable bus app has lied to you once again, leaving you in the cold.

You think it cannot possibly get worse, but then the wind comes.

As an underclassman, you think that it cannot possibly get any worse than snowy days at UConn. That is a lie. You will learn this when you try to use a car on snowy days at UConn.

You try to shovel out your car, but you can’t even find it under all the snow.

You get your car shoveled out and try to drive around poorly plowed campus roads.

Your car will not move and you now need to push it down said poorly plowed campus roads.

So we all know that if anyone is happy to see some snow around campus...

...or they pretend it does not bother them...

...they are either very sarcastic people...

or they are liars.                                                      

Happy winter, collegiettes! (Sarcastically, of course.)

Jackie is a senior at UConn studying Actuarial Science and Finance. She's low-key addicted to alternative breaks, Netflix and Lifesaver "Wint O Green" mints. In her free time, she enjoys ordering late night food, pretending to be sporty, and throwing impromptu dance parties in her room. You can find her on Twitter @xowackiejackie.
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