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The 10 Stages of Studying as Told by April Ludgate

Studying for finals is one of the worst times in any colligiate’s career.  Hours (days?) without sleep, cramming like it’s your job, and then blanking when you sit down in front of the test.  Sometimes we just need to know our favorite characters get us, and April Ludgate understands perfectly.

1.  Studying starts in class. You know this and so you try to pay attention and take good notes.  But like…Facebook and Twitter happens and suddenly everyone is packing up and you’re just like…

2.  You know procrastinating is bad and will lead to more stress later on, but the exam is in, like, 8 days.  You have so much time and right now you just want to lay in bed and take a nap.

3.  So now the exam is coming up in 4 days and you find a study group which you’re at for like twenty minutes when you realize…

4.  You decide you probably study best alone so you head back to your dorm to study in the quiet of your room but people in the hall are acting rowdier than usual and you want to scream.   

5.  After that, you end up going outside because studying outside is great right?  Except it rained yesterday, everything is wet, it’s actually kind of cold and there are probably some weird bugs in the grass.  

6.  You turn to music!  Music is can help people study, right?  But you can’t stand Spotify’s classical playlist so you find your go-to playlist, but the songs are literally so good and now you’ve ditched the books for a jam sesh.

7.  Now it’s the night before the exam and there’s an awesome party that you’re missing.  You’re not gonna sleep tonight and you hate life but you NEED to absorb the information ASAP and you’re currently writing some choice words about your professor on Rate My Professor.

8.  You get to the exam room and you’re exhausted but also panicky and don’t know half of the stuff on the exam.

9.  Stay positive and you’ll do well!  You’ll probably get a really good score… right?

10.  Your score comes back and you did okay!  You’re still passing.  Then you realize you have an exam for another class in two days….

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