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10 Songs I Wish Were On The Eras Tour Setlist

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Conn chapter.

Taylor Swift’s long-awaited Eras Tour is finally underway. With multiple tour dates under Swift’s belt, fans have a pretty clear idea of what songs are included on her permanent setlist. After a canceled Loverfest, tons of new releases, and the re-records, Swift has tons of material to work with for this tour. 

It was inevitable that some fan-favorites would not make an appearance. However, Swift’s tour has received tons of positive feedback thus far. This comes with a decision to essentially double the setlist of an average stadium tour. On the Eras Tour, Swift performs a record of 44 songs, including two ‘surprise songs’ in which she chooses two different songs to play acoustically for each tour date. 

While performing for three hours straight sounds like an incredibly exhausting feat, I almost wish I could just call Taylor up and beg her to add these songs to the setlist. Here are ten I would add to the Eras Tour in an imaginary world where energy is endless and time doesn’t exist. 

*This list is some semblance of album order, not a ranking of which songs I want to add to the setlist the most.

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1. Mr. Perfectly Fine

The world has not been the same since Taylor Swift decided to surprise drop this Fearless (Taylor’s Version) vault track on a random Wednesday morning. This up-tempo bop has some clever wordplay and a classic Swift post-bridge key change. All three songs performed during the Fearless section of the show are singles. While it certainly slays regardless, adding this song would make the Fearless section feel a lot more complete. It has also never been performed live — a true travesty, in my opinion. Plus, Joe Jonas (who the song is about) has proven time and time again that he and Taylor no longer have any bad blood.

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2. The Story of Us

Anyone familiar with the Eras Tour setlist knows what I mean when I say ‘justice for Speak Now.’ The 2010 album has tons of iconic tracks but is only represented on the setlist once. Don’t get me wrong, I heavily support Taylor’s choice to perform “Enchanted.” However, Speak Now simply has too many bangers to ignore — and my personal favorite is “The Story of Us.” This anger-filled track with incredible songwriting is almost better than therapy. With Taylor’s current vocals and breath support, this performance might have made me pass out from excitement — but it would have been worth it. 

3. Haunted

It was easy to decide to give a Speak Now track another spot on this list. The question then became — which one? I was initially torn between “Sparks Fly” and “Dear John.” I also considered “Better Than Revenge” but with its misogynistic undertones and similarity to “The Story of Us,” it never became a real contender. Taking a step back, I thought about which song could have the coolest production. After much consideration, I went in a completely different direction, landing on “Haunted.” I personally think “Haunted” is one of Swift’s most sonically interesting tracks — and one that is often overlooked. I also think it would fit right in as a transition from Speak Now to the Reputation section of the show.

4. Message in a Bottle/The Very First Night Mashup

There weren’t as many mashups on the setlist as I was expecting. I think adding in a couple of vault tracks from Red (Taylor’s Version) would be the perfect place to spice it up. Specifically, I would love to see a “Message in a Bottle” and “The Very First Night” mashup. Not only have we never heard either of these songs live, but they are also super upbeat, happy tracks that can make even the most stubborn of people get up and dance. I also think this number would provide another opportunity for the super iconic backup dancers to have some cheesy, yet fun choreography.

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5. New Romantics

If I want to heal my inner child, I listen to “New Romantics.” If I want to dance, I listen to “New Romantics.” If I need treadmill motivation, I listen to “New Romantics.” I think it’s safe to say that I live and breathe this catchy, pop song. While 1989 is one of Swift’s most recognizable albums, I am quite literally begging her to give this song more time in the spotlight. I don’t care if the 1989 section is too long or if “New Romantics” is too similar to “Karma,” I will be grieving this personal loss all the same.

6. Paper Rings

Lover definitely got enough love on the setlist to the point where I’d actually consider cutting a couple of numbers (sorry, “The Archer”). I would, however, add “Paper Rings” either way. To say I absolutely love this song would be an understatement. I think it would be the perfect candidate for a larger-than-life production full of sparkles, dance moves, and some iconic Taylor posing. Not to sound like a broken record, but the fact that we have yet to hear this song live is utterly criminal. 

7. I Think He Knows 

For another Lover spot, I was torn between “I Think He Knows” and “Cornelia Street.” I am completely obsessed with both of these songs. What made me land on “I Think He Knows” is that I think “Cornelia Street” will definitely be a surprise song at some point. Additionally, I think it would be hard to beat the performance of “Cornelia Street” at the City of Lover concert in Paris. 

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8.  Ivy

How’s one to know? I’d meet you where the spirit meets the bones. In a faith-forgotten land. These words are screaming to be sung in a sold-out stadium. Or maybe I’m just screaming in “Ivy”’s defense. Either way, this absolutely gorgeous song has slowly grown to be one of my favorites. It has such a passionate, scream-able bridge and some of Swift’s most impressive songwriting to date.

9.  Right Where You Left Me

You know what? It’s fine if you don’t like “Ivy.” But if you don’t like “Right Where You Left Me,” we’re going to have a problem. This song is for the delusional girls. The maladaptive daydreamers who feel big emotions. It also has incredible imagery, perfect for a stadium tour. I can clearly picture Taylor sitting in an old-fashioned, slightly upscale diner almost frozen while the world spins around her. But alas, it seems as though this delusional girl’s dream may never come true. 

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10. Hits Different

The fact that I still can’t stream this song makes my blood boil. The least Taylor could do was give us a live version to hold us over. “I pictured you with other girls in love…then threw up on the street” might just be the most relatable lyric I’ve ever heard. Maybe the general public wouldn’t be able to sing every word. However, this song is so fun that I don’t think anyone would complain if it was on the permanent setlist. 

While I wish I could argue in defense of every single Taylor Swift song, these are the ten I wish I could add to the setlist the most. Despite how it might sound, I am incredibly impressed by the setlist and stamina Taylor has performed with on tour so far…and honestly, I’d probably pay to see Taylor Swift do pretty much anything at this point. 

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