10 Signs That You're The Mom Friend

There's always a mom in every friend group.  If you can't pinpoint which one of your friends it is, it's probably you.  Oh come on, you know you secretly love it.  Here are 10 signs you're the mom friend.

1. You are always equipped with the necessities (tampons, deodorant, napkins, etc.).

2. You always have snacks on hand.

3. You hold their hair while someone's puking.

4. You actually enjoy cleaning.

5. You are always referred to as “mom."

6. You always know where your children are.

7. You watch out for the f*ckboys that try to hit on your friends.

8. You make sure all of your children have eaten.

9. You are in bed before everyone else.

10. You give great pep talks.

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