10 Resolutions Anyone Can Accomplish in 2017

Each New Year's we promise ourselves we'll change all these things about ourselves and do so much better, but it doesn't always stick past the first month of the year.  Here are  10 easy resolutions anyone can do in 2017.


1.  No negativity

Cut out all negative habits, thinking, and people from your life. You don’t want to start the year off on the wrong foot. It’s time for a fresh start.


2. Save more money

Start by saving a dollar a day. If you really, really don’t need it then you shouldn’t buy it. Save those coins for a rainy day or if you see a cute pair of shoes that you *need*.


3. Get more sleep

No more all-nighters. You need a certain amount of sleep to function every day. You don’t want to look like a zombie with those designer bags under your eyes.


4.  Have some "me" time

Skip Nickel night (once in a while) just to have time to yourself. Watch a movie, have a spa/facial night, or just chill out. Take some time to not think and take it easy.


5.  Stop procrastinating

This might be easier said than done, but if you get an assignment, don’t do it the night before. It will save you a lot of time than trying to hustle to get it done.


6.  Be more active

Walk instead of taking the bus, go to the gym once a week; these little things will definitely help you be a healthier you.


7.  Spend time with the important people

Call your family every day and spend more time with all of your friends. There is going to be a time where you don’t see them as much as you want to. Cherish the moments you have with them.


8.  Learn to cook

Even if it's the simplest dish, everyone can learn to cook something.


9.  Get out of your comfort zone

Meet new people. Try new things. When you do things outside of your comfort zone, you open up a whole new world of opportunities for yourself.


10.  Be happy

Overall, just try to be happy. Life is too short to worry about something that made you unhappy for 5 seconds out of your entire day.


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