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10 Reasons You Should Stop Wearing a Bra

I have always hated wearing a bra. The excessive padding and underwire are stiff and uncomfortable, and I never liked the way certain clothing hung over my body with all of that padding. I was constantly trying to make my breasts look bigger with expensive push-up bras and I got tired of it.

I made the decision to stop wearing bras my sophomore year of college. I didn’t do it because I wanted to “screw the patriarchy” in some bra-burning fit of rage. It was a decision I made entirely for myself and my self-confidence.  I traded in padded push-up bras for bralettes and bandeaus, and I’ve never looked back. To stop wearing a bra was one of the best decisions I have ever made for my body. I have never been more comfortable or confident in my own skin, and I now love the way my body looks naturally without all of that unnecessary padding and underwire.


October 13th is National No Bra Day, so if you’ve been looking for an excuse, here are 10 reasons why you should stop wearing a bra too. 


Breast Cancer Awareness

National No Bra Day was started as a way to raise awareness for breast cancer and show support for those affected by using the hashtag #nobraday on social media. You’re not going to find a better reason to leave your bra at home, even if it’s just for one day. While this campaign recieved some negative feedback about its effectiveness, there is nothing bad about trying to raise awareness about such an important issue.



Believe it or not, there are actually a lot of health benefits to going braless. A study done in France a few years ago suggests that bras may actually increase breast sagging at a younger age. Over a 15 year period, researchers measured the breasts of 330 volunteers ages 18-35, and found that those who did not wear a bra showed perkier and firmer breasts, faded stretch marks, and less back pain. 


No bra= more fashion possibilities

One of the worst struggles about wearing a bra is trying to keep it from showing underneath your clothes. Everyone is expected to wear a bra, so why is it such a fashion faux-pas when your straps are showing? It’s a universal struggle: the cute backless top you bought this summer is still sitting in your closet with the tags on it because how are you supposed to wear it without your bra showing?! Sure, you could spend money on different types of strapless, backless, and stick-on bras for every possible occasion, but the alternative answer is simple: no bra means no visible straps or clasps and no hassle. Your fashion possibilities will be infinitely expanded and your wallet will thank you.


Second base has never been so easy

You know that awkward 30 seconds of fumbling when a guy is trying to take off your bra? Are you supposed to wait it out or should you help him out and just do it yourself? Why not just skip that uncomfortable step entirely, and seamlessly slide into second with ease.


Nipples are sexy

This might be the most controversial aspect of going braless, because you will get cold, your nipples will show, and someone will inevitably be offended or feel the need to comment. But this is completely natural, and it can look really good if you’re confident about it. Celebrities like Kendall Jenner, Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, and many more have all been spotted getting in on this trend. While this might not be the best look for a job interview or a big presentation, throwing on a sweater is always a much comfier alternative than a padded bra. So what should you do if your nipples do show? Take a page out of these celebs’ books and OWN IT.


No underwire, no problem

The underwire from an ill-fitting bra can dig into your skin and drive you crazy during the day. Let’s be honest, we all have enough problems to focus on without the distraction of an uncomfortable bra. If you ever find yourself daydreaming about when you can go home and finally take off your bra, you are doing it wrong. Ditching your bra will let you skip that all together.


You will know what true freedom feels like

I’m not going to lie to you ladies, the first few times you go braless in public you will undoubtedly feel uncomfortable. But you’ll get used to it and you’ll never want to return to the hell that is push-up bras. Going braless will allow you to embrace your natural, beautiful body and you will feel more self-confident than ever. You don’t always need all of that padding to look sexy, and realizing that will make you feel confident and liberated. I promise you will love your body more than ever.


Save money

We all know how expensive bras can be. The better quality the bra is, the more you’re going to have to spend on it. I don’t know about you, but as a college student on a *very* limited budget, I can think of a lot of things I would much rather spend my money on. So the next time you’re about to drop $60 on a bra at Victoria’s Secret, just think about how much pizza that money could get you.


Bralettes are cuter and comfier

While it may be socially unacceptable for your bra to be showing in public, bralettes are a completely different story. There are tons of different styles and designs that can take an outfit up a notch with lace or cool straps. They’re 10,000 times softer and comfier than regular bras and they still offer some support. I’ve gotten some of my favorite bralettes from Free People and Urban Outfitters, but Forever 21 also has cute ones for around $10.


Save time when getting ready

Running late because you can’t decide what to wear? Cut your time in half by cutting out the bra. You won’t have to change into the “right” bra every time you change your shirt, because let’s face it, we have all had those moments and it is insanely frustrating. 


Happy No Bra Day!



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