The 10 Best Movies for a Gal-entine's Day

Make this Valentine's one of the best. Invite your best girlfriends over to enjoy some of the best romantic comedies. Pick up the Valentine's Day themed popcorn and hit play on any of these gems!

Valentine’s Day


Obviously since it's Valentine's Day, watching a movie about Valentine's Day is as good as it gets. Curl up with a nice warm blanket and swoon at the dreamboats and love in this classic romantic comedy. 

The Notebook

This romantic comedy is as good as it gets. Talk about endless love! They met at 17 and they still love each other at 30. 

When Harry Met Sally

The debate over whether girls and guys can just be friends is one most interesting parts of this movie. Another great addition is the whole fake orgasm scene!

Sleepless in Seattle

Nothing is better than Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan in this 90s romantic comedy. Just the references to An Affair to Remember will get you in the lovin' mood.

Love Actually 

"The Ulimate Romantic Comedy" or Love Actually is a truly an excellent British film. With humor and romance, this movie intertwines many lovely story lines together. 

Bridget Jones’s Dairy

Funny doesn't even start to explain the awesomeness of Bridget Jone's Dairy. Along with twists and turns, the movie has tons of things to laugh about. Not to mention the fact that

it has Colin Firth AND Hugh Grant, how could you go wrong?


Love lasts a lifetime is exactly what Titanic is. After losing the love of her life at 18, Rose still remembers at the age of 80 the romance at happened before the Titanic sank. With verlasting love and drama, this film will have you aching a little when you get to the end. 

13 Going on 30

This sweet film takes place in the 80s when Jenny is 13 then she suddenly wakes up 30. Discovering what happened through the time between 13 and 30, she learns a lot of things including how to get the man she really loves (the hansome Mark Ruffalo)

The Prince & Me

Every wished you could be in love with a prince, like for real? In this cute film, Paige Morgan unintentionally falls for the Prince of Denmark. However as a college student wanting to be doctor, she must choose her future career or the love of her life. 

No Strings Attached

Let's keep things casual. This movie is about a "just sex" relationship until it turns into more. Featuring Ashton Kutcher and Natalie Portman, this film is romantic and hilarious!