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10 90’s Cartoons That We All Loved

The 90s was full of some unforgettable television programs but of the most memorable were all the cartoons.  They don’t make them like they used to.  Here are 10 of our favorite childhood cartoons that we miss watching:


Aired: 1991

Tommy Pickles and his best friends Chuckie, Phil and Lil showed you the world from a diaper’s eye view. From investigating the white thing that flushes in the bathroom or their obsession with their beloved Reptar, there were always endless adventures to be had. And the best part, the adults couldn’t understand them but we could.


Aired: 1991

The anxious, and sometimes gullible 11½ year old boy with a strong imagination. He wanted to fit in with the crowd in his new hometown of Bluffington. He has a talent for writing and he plays the banjo in his spare time. Doug is the narrator of every episode and writes his experiences in his journal. The series addressed many topics, including platonic and romantic relationships, self-esteem, and bullying.

The Magic School Bus

Aired: 1994

Have you ever wanted to go on cool field trips with a crazy laid back teacher? Ms. Frizzle or “The Frizz” with her wacky outfits and her magical bus, which seems to have a mind of its own, takes her students on an adventure everyday. Not only were her trips out of this world, you also learned something every episode.

Dexter’s Laboratory

Aired: 1995

Dexter, a boy genius had built a secret lab in his room. He constantly fights with his sister Dee Dee to keep her out of his lab and destroying his creations. He also had a bitter rivalry with his neighbor and fellow-genius, Mandark. Have you always wondered how Dexter’s parents never figured out his secret? Their electricity bill must have been through the roof!


Aired: 1996

The show was centered around an aardvark named Arthur Read and his interactions with his friends and family. Arthur often dealt with important issues like asthma, dyslexia, cancer, and Asperger’s syndrome. The show also encouraged children to have a love for reading as well. This was the longest running show in the United States, with its 18th season premiering in 2014. Not to mention the theme song was very catchy.

Hey Arnold!

Aired: 1996

Arnold Shortman (whose last name was revealed after the show ended) is a fourth grader who lives with his grandparents in a boarding house. Arnold often helped his friends solve their problems or he was in a predicament of his own. His classmate Helga, who had such a big crush on Arnold, used to bully him and call him “football head” to hide her feelings. She even had a shrine to him in her closet!

Johnny Bravo

Aired: 1997

The muscular man named Johnny Bravo who sports a pompadour hairstyle and a voice like Elvis thinks he’s God’s gift to women everywhere. Too bad the ladies never think so. The plot usually involves him trying to get a woman to fall in love with him and then said woman rejects him, beats them up or ditches them in the end.

Pepper Ann

Aired: 1997

Pepper Ann would get into dilemmas chooses the wrong decision, face the consequences of those decisions and learns a lesson in the end. Not to mention her best friends Nicky and Milo were epitome of friendship.

The Powerpuff Girls

Aired: 1998

Sugar, spice, and everything nice were what these adorable three little girls are made of. But don’t let that cuteness fool you. Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup kick major but when protecting their city, Townsville from villains and giant monsters. Also, you and your best friends would fight over which one you were. We’re so thrilled about the new reboot of this beloved series (hopefully it will live up to its predecessor)!

Courage The Cowardly Dog

Aired: 1999

Courage is an easily frightened dog that was abandoned as a puppy. He lives in a ranch house in Nowhere, Kansas with his owners Muriel and her husband Eustace. He was found in an alleyway by Muriel, who took him up as her own. In every episode, Courage has to defeat monsters, aliens and other supernatural creature and his owners don’t even know about it! 

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Keyanna is a senior Journalism major, Women Gender & Sexuality Studies minor at UConn. She loves reading and writing just as much as she loves sleeping in! She has no clue what she wants to do when she graduates, but she has a while to figure it out.
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