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Saddle Up for the Hyde Park Art Center!


This Sunday, the Hyde Park Art Gallery opened Jeremiah Hulsebos-Spofford’s gallery the Hall of Khan.  The anticipation of the gallery brought in a wide range of ages from seasoned citizens to college students to young children and their adults who were all keen to view the gallery’s equestrian theme, working to meld together the rich traditional equestrian style with elements of modern life.

One of the pieces features a distressed easy chair with a sculpted saddle. This seems to comment on modern society’s use of TV as an activity of leisure, contrasting the traditional leisure activity of horseback riding. Each of the pieces are spaced out in the gallery, utilizing all the space but also working to move the viewer through the space without being overwhelmed. One part that was especially engaging was the live horses in the piece called Stall. One of the horses sported a nude model with iconic Ralph Lauren pieces, symbolizing the traditional equestrian feel; but the nudity gives the piece an edge making it more than a model with a Ralph Lauren sweater around his neck.

The gallery was aesthetically pleasing and interesting. The Hyde Park Art Center as a whole is worth checking out as it plays host to many interesting galleries. The Hall of Khan will be calling the Hyde Park Art Center home from April 14 to July 28. Take walk around the neighborhood and enjoy the art it has to offer. 

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