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Relay for Life 2013: The Relay Olympics


On Friday, May 17, students, staff, faculty, and families from the local community gathered at Stagg field for UChicago’s Relay for Life event.

Hosted by the American Cancer Society, Relay for Life is an annual fundraising event that raises money for cancer research, commemorates those who have battled cancer, and celebrates the families, friends, and caretakers who have fought by their side. Taking place in 21 countries, it has raised over 3 billion dollars to date.

This year, 42 teams and 458 participants signed up for the UChicago event, raising $25,613.55 on the event page alone.

The event, which spanned from 6PM to 6AM the next day, featured a host of activities and games. Participants joined teams to raise money for the cause and to compete in Relay Olympics, which included trivia, dizzy bat, a water balloon toss, and a food-eating contest. There were several dance and music performances, inflatable activities, and food throughout the night as well.

Teams set up makeshift campsites on the field, sharing music and laughter. At least one member from each team walked the track at all times to represent the relaying done by those who endure or have endured cancer. A luminaria ceremony also took place later in the night, in honor of those who had lost their lives.

More than anything else, Relay for Life is a community that bands together each year in a spirit of love, support, and solidarity. There is nothing quite like it. Learn more about Relay at relayforlife.org.

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