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Quick Tips for Getting Through Finals

Ever since first entering school, students have been taught about the "right" or "wrong" ways to study. However, the same study strategies don't always necessarily work for everyone, and part of effective studying is to determine what works best for you. Here are 5 quick tips that can be helpful for any college student preparing for upcoming finals:

1. Alternate your study spaces

Studies have shown that switching up your study locations can actually help you memorize what you're learning! So those of you who swear by the library might want to change up your habits!

2. Study in Groups

You should never underestimate the power of working in numbers. Group work can really help while studying for an exam because you'll always have peers around to explain any of the material you don't understand. On the other hand, teaching others about the material is a great way to ensure that you're mastered it!

3. Make flash cards

This trick is a common one, but for a good reason. Flash cards are a great for reviewing terms and definitions before a big exam, and they're great for studying on the go!

4. Take practice tests

Professors will often create a practice test or show students old versions of the exam in order to present the format of the test questions. Take advantage of these tests and review them as part of your studies; you never know when professors will choose to repeat questions from previous years!

5. Make sure to get a good night's sleep!

This is arguably the most important tip of them all, but it's critical to make sure your mind is well-rested before an exam. It's always better to get a few extra hours of rest rather than reread that textbook chapter for the third time, so make sure to schedule at least 6 hours of sleep in before the big test day. 

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