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Presenting: HC UChicago’s 2013 New Year Resolutions!


Happy New Year everyone! After a year of elections, great movies, misinterpreted Mayan calendar predictions, and so on, we’re glad to finally ring in 2013 with cheer.

With a new year comes a new set of resolutions, goals that we all hope to keep throughout the year. Haven’t come up with your resolutions yet? Having trouble thinking of a few? Look no further for inspiration as the Her Campus UChicago staff offers you some of their resolutions for 2013!

For all the writers

“I plan to set aside at least 5 minutes each day to write for myself. Writing has always been a therapeutic process for me since my days as a second grader when I vented my frustrations over handball games and fractions. While I obviously enjoy writing for a general public, writing for my eyes only permits me to disclose thoughts that are often suppressed, a process which can lead to sincere reflection.” – Jessica Ro

“Start a blog. I’ve tried and failed many times, but I’m really excited at the prospect of finally accomplishing what I’ve wanted to do for a long time now. I love writing and investigative reporting, so hopefully I can channel that love of journalism through an independent blog!” – Lexi McCammond

Getting to know, and loving, Chicago

“Don’t get me wrong, I love the Med but there is so much more than Hyde Park. So starting this quarter I am going to really explore Chicago. My goal is to go to at least 7 new places or areas in Chicago throughout the quarter.” – Kristin Walko

“Take advantage of concerts in Chicago. So many amazing artists tour in Chicago, so I’d really like to take concerts as an opportunity to explore the city, spend time with my friends, and take a break from studying! I’m especially looking forward to Maroon 5 in April.” – Sruthi Ramaswami

Old Habits Die Hard

“Stop biting my nails! I’ve tried to grow them every year and have inevitably failed. So this year I’m really going to do it.” – Ellie Gamble

“Make myself sleep in more often. I’ve always gotten up at around 8AM even on weekends, but it’s getting tough to do that in college when I’m usually up until 3 or 4, and I get so little rest that I crash during the day. On days when I can, I’m going to sleep in until at least 11, which will probably help me be a lot more energetic throughout the day.” – Annie Pei

A Change in Lifestyle

“My second resolution is to learn how to cook! I attributed the lack of sophisticated cooking in my diet last quarter to laziness and my general inability to cook. But I feel like I can do better. When I’m back, I will start checking out recipes and creating some delicious meals.” – Jessica Ro

“Take the 4-6 week vegan challenge. I became a vegetarian 3 years ago and since have always found it fun and interesting to make small dietary changes. Though I’m sure going vegan will not last longer than my goal of 4-6 weeks, I am excited to challenge myself and hopefully see some awesome health improvements.” – Lexi McCammond

Make Reading Fun (For Once)

“With all the classwork it is hard to find time to “read for fun” and do other things for fun, too. This year I want to take time each day, maybe as a study break, to do something I enjoy. In particular, I want to get more into new literature through literary journals and discover new music.” – Kristin Walko

“Read more for fun. I’ve always loved reading but with schoolwork and everything else I haven’t had to time recently to read a really good book just for me. So this year my aim is to read at least some of the books that people keep recommending me.” – Ellie Gamble

Learning New Things and Taking it Easy

“Learn a form of dance. I’ve always been a singer, but have never had the motivation to try dance. I think it would be really fun and potentially relaxing for me to explore either tango or salsa!” – Sruthi Ramaswami

“Dedicate 1 to 2 hours every day to doing something that’s unrelated to school, RSOs, or internships. Since I’ve been in high school, I’ve always been under the impression that I need to be working all the time. I’ve realized that the feeling is unnecessary and, a lot of the time, untrue, so I’m going to counter it.” – Annie Pei

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Annie Pei

U Chicago

Annie is a Political Science major at the University of Chicago who not only writes for Her Campus, but is also one of Her Campus UChicago's Campus Correspondents. She also acts as Editor-In-Chief of Diskord, an online op-ed publication based on campus, and as an Arts and Culture Co-Editor for the university's new Undergraduate Political Review. When she's not busy researching, writing, and editing articles, Annie can be found pounding out jazz choreography in a dance room, furiously cheering on the Vancouver Canucks, or around town on the lookout for new places, people, and things. This year, Annie is back in DC interning with Voice of America once again!
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