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Post-Final Freedom

This week is the week we all dread. It is the all-nighters in the Reg/coffee at every meal/cut off from all communications week. Yep, the hellish week of finals is upon us.  However, there is something that I do to get through the dismal dark days of studying. When I take a study break, I plan what I am going to do with the glorious freedom post-finals. Starting Wednesday at twelve thirty, I will have completed my last final and can thus begin my city excursions.

Wednesday Afternoon

Promptly after my Calculus final, I will slip into my city clothes, ditch the backpack for my cross-body purse and hop on the 6 bus to downtown.
I plan on hitting the pavement with my wonderful friend Morgan Clark. Since we won’t get started till the afternoon, we decided to stay in the downtown area. In the evening, we plan on going to Reggies for a concert. At eight o’ clock for eight dollars we will see a band called GoodbyeHome. I am very excited to go experience this music venue. It is a cheap way to see some live music and should be a good scene. To kill time beforehand, we are going to venture about Navy Pier. As touristy as it is, it will be fun to walk around and explore the area. In between we will get something eat. My favorite way to choose a restaurant is simply by wandering around the city and simply stopping at wherever looks good.

Thursday Morning
Thursday morning I will venture out for breakfast with my friend. Then I plan to go to the Art Institute and soak up art all day long. After that, I will meander the streets and find an inviting café and eat a late lunch. I’ll head back to campus after the day's adventure. Once back in my dorm, I will do some much needed cleaning of my room. To help all of my other friends who are still suffering through their finals, I’ll help make study break.

Today is the day dedicated to thrifting.
The area surrounding Wicker Park is rumored to be filled with good thrifting and vintage stores all throughout the different neighborhoods. I also want to go to the fantastic ice cream store, Margie’s, which is located in Bucktown. I’ll start my thrifting search around that area. After I have depleted the area of thrift stores, I will enjoy a delicious oversized sundae with my roommate at Margie’s. If our need for cheap clothes and old finds is not satisfied, we will probably head to the nearest Goodwill.

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