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Nebula Li ’11

Name: Nebula Li

Year: 3rd Year J.D. Student (Law Student)

What is your guilty pleasure?
Probably eating meat. Most people think I’m vegetarian, and I sometimes think that I ought to be vegetarian or vegan – but damn, I love peking duck, cha sieu… really, all Chinese-style barbecued meats, North Carolina style (and other styles) of barbecued meats, soul food, and kielbasa…. Okay, if you want real guilty pleasures, I really like “Party in the U.S.A.” (<3 Miley Cyrus’s music) and the British TV show Skins.  

Do you have a favorite movie? If so, what is it and why is it your favorite?
This used to be so easy; I used to say that Rushmore was my favorite, but now I’m not so sure.  I love Rushmore because I identify with Max; he is a jack of all trades, master of none. Although he’s passionate and well-meaning, he’s easily distracted. He spends so much time writing plays and starting student groups that his grades suffer, and he makes mistakes. I also really like Margaret Yang; she is so earnest and easily overlooked.  Furthermore, all of the Wes Anderson films have a large amount of sentimental value to me. But right now it’d be hard to pick one favorite—a few other old favorites are Mulan, Me and You and Everyone We Know, and West Side Story.

What is your biggest pet peeve, if any?
I don’t like it when people make assumptions about me.  For example, I don’t like it when people try and guess which country my parents are from or if I’m gay or straight—I’d prefer that they just ask me. 

Complete the phrase. “Life is………”
difficult, but worth it.

Tell me what your ideal day looks like.
My ideal day would probably be spent playing with kids or young animals. I like being outside, so I’d like to go to a petting zoo, an outdoors market, or a flower garden with my nephew. My ideal evening would be going to a concert or cooking dinner with my other.

What is your favorite topic of debate and why?
Issues of sexuality and gender, problems faced by refugees and immigrants, and the criminal justice system.

Best memory(ies) at UChicago?
Performing in the Lascivious Ball during my 1L year. 

Song that always gets you in the partying/happy mood?
Honestly? To dance, I like a lot of not-very-good queer or kind of stereotypically gay male music, like God-Des & She, Peaches, Jonny McGovern, Britney Spears.  

What does being a campus cutie mean to you?
Queer visibility.

Lynda Lopez is a first year at the University of Chicago currently considering political science and comparative human development as majors. Lynda has been avidly writing for publications, both online and print, since her sophomore year of high school. During her time in high school, she wrote for the Chicago Tribune, PBS Newshour, and the New York Times Upfront Magazine. She has continued her passion in college and is currently the News and Public Affairs Intern at the University Community Service Center at UChicago as well as heading the news department at a local non-profit. When not writing, she enjoys bike-riding, watching Youtube videos, and hanging out with friends. She is excited to bring Her Campus to UChicago and hopes that it will serve as an informative and entertaining resource for women on campus.
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