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Michael Furdyna ’13

Major: Biological Sciences

Year: Second Year

On a typical day,  I……
Typically, I spend my morning in class. In the afternoon I either do the same or work in a laboratory, depending on the day. During the evening I get all my remaining work done. The space in between is filled with some combination of eating, sleeping, and hanging out with friends.

Describe your dream vacation spot.
Somewhere with a tropical rainforest and an ocean with plenty of tide pools. I would love to spend the whole time looking at (and futilely chasing after) the local wildlife.

If you could be granted 3 wishes from a genie, what would they be? Why?

I would like to always be able to lift people’s spirits. If I can make a friend or someone else have a better day, then I am happy.

I would like to wake up fully rested every morning, no matter how little sleep I got the night before. Trying to stay awake throughout the day, with nothing but caffeine and force of will supporting me, is not pleasant.

Can a genie score me a date?  

Memorable moment of college thus far?
Hanging out with my friends one night during finals week of Fall Quarter ’10, trying to study but failing miserably. We were all ‘broken’ from the workload that night, which resulted in far too much laughter and acts of blatant silliness than was warranted. This moment represents one of the best things, to me, about UChicago: the people you meet. Even when it’s cold and dark and there’s far too much OChem to be done, friends always make it easier.

What do you consider your greatest strength? Why?
I’ve been told I’m a good listener and a source of comfort. My life is significantly influenced by the people close to me, so I think that this is my greatest strength.

Favorite hang-out spot in Chicago? Why?
Honestly, I love spending time in my House lounge, talking or watching trashy television. If forced out of Hyde Park, I’d have to go with the Neo-Futurists. Their shows are always fantastic.

Motto you live by? If any.
Never be afraid of looking like an idiot.

Describe your ideal meal.
A quarter white chicken dinner from Harold’s with salt, pepper, and barbecue sauce, and ginger ale.

Lynda Lopez is a first year at the University of Chicago currently considering political science and comparative human development as majors. Lynda has been avidly writing for publications, both online and print, since her sophomore year of high school. During her time in high school, she wrote for the Chicago Tribune, PBS Newshour, and the New York Times Upfront Magazine. She has continued her passion in college and is currently the News and Public Affairs Intern at the University Community Service Center at UChicago as well as heading the news department at a local non-profit. When not writing, she enjoys bike-riding, watching Youtube videos, and hanging out with friends. She is excited to bring Her Campus to UChicago and hopes that it will serve as an informative and entertaining resource for women on campus.
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