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Meet Her Campus UChicago Staff!

By now, you’ve probably read a few articles on Her Campus, such as our weekly Campus Cutie feature. Now you may be wondering, “Who are these people and why should I care?”

Her Campus UChicago is part of the national Her Campus branch that aims to establish a site for women to gather and read articles about issues relevant to them. Her Campus is here to provide YOU with a unique take on news. We’re not looking to be the new Chicago Maroon or Chicago Weekly—we simply want to offer information that you may not find anywhere else, such as blogposts about the best hangout spots in Chicago or events happening across the campus and city.

If you are intrigued, interested, or excited about what we are doing, make sure to check back frequently for new posts. Read on to learn more about our staff of writers!

Lynda Lopez is a first-year in the College and founder of Her Campus UChicago. She is also the News and Public Affairs Intern at the University Community Service Center and writer for the Chicago Tribune’s Redeye newspaper. She has been published in the New York Time’s Upfront, PBS Newshour, among other sites. Lynda is also heavily involved in the UChicago Coalition for Immigrant Rights and is the newly appointed Community Outreach Chair for MEChA. She is also working on a long-term reporting project with the Chicago Reporter. in colloboration with Latinos Progresando, a non-profit where she serves as the News Intern. Besides journalsm, Lynda has an immense interest in urban planning and is part of a national youth planning organization. She hopes to combine both interests to contribute something positive to society.

When not writing or protesting for a social justice issue, Lynda is an avid lover of bike rides,  walks at night, and laughing hysterically with friends. She also has a fascination with fortune cookies and their ability to accurately predict her days.

Bianca Tobar is a third-year student at the University of Chicago studying biological sciences with a specialization in endocrinology. She is from Chicago, Illinois and is a staff writer for Her Campus UChicago. Her dream has always been to study medicine and become a registered pediatrician. Lately, she has taken on some interesting career goals. She has considered a career in psychology and the biological sciences or a job in reforming urban city schools. Other possibilities include combining health, science, and beauty and one day becoming a health and beauty editor at a big-time magazine in New York City.

Besides writing for Her Campus, she is a Co-Community Service Chair for a minority pre-med student organization on campus called SNMA-MAPS and the publicity chair for the Phoenix Biological Sciences Organization. She is a huge Chicago Blackhawks fan, loves to dance (in the rain…sometimes), has an obsession with Chai tea lattes, and has always wanted to get a pilot’s license.

Michelle Lee
is a first-year at the University of Chicago majoring in English language & literature. Besides writing for Her Campus, she is involved with Diskord and is copy editor for the Chicago Maroon. She has been published by YourVox, Teen Ink, and Diverse Voices Quarterly and has blogged for both The Cincinnati Enquirer and UChiBLOGo. While Michelle enjoys journalism, her real passion lies in literature and creative writing. She hopes to pursue a career in writing and academia and become the next Margaret Atwood. 

Jessica Ro is a first-year student originally from Santa Monica, California, a city just west of Los Angeles. Though she has not formally declared her major, Jessica sees herself studying public policy since she has always possessed an interest in working in the public sector. Aside from Her Campus, Jessica is also involved in South Side Scribblers, a RSO that travels to local elementary school and encourages children to express themselves through creative writing and art. Jessica joined Her Campus because she loved the concept of reaching out specifically to college-aged females through writing articles and blogs.  

Annie Pei: After coming over from Vancouver, Canada, Annie now finds herself pursuing a double major in political science and economics at UChicago. From a young age, this Her Campus UChicago staff member developed a passion for current events and international affairs as a result of five years of competitive debate, public speaking, and Model UN. This, coupled with her love for writing, convinced Annie that she should strive for a career in print and broadcast journalism. Since coming to UChicago, Annie now writes for the Chicago Weekly, covering news all over Chicago’s South side, and the UChicago’s Service Center. She is thrilled to be part of Her Campus UChicago and dedicates much of her time to the site’s growth.
Outside of journalism, Annie also participates in jazz, modern, ballet, and hip hop dance. She’s a huge fan of plain cheesecake (much to the chagrin of her boyfriend), adores the Vancouver Canucks, and makes a point of always having five different eyeliner colors because, let’s face it, black is often boring and everyone needs a bit of color in their lives.

Erica Fernandes is a second-year at the University of Chicago majoring in sociology and minoring in human rights. Aside from writing for Her Campus, she is the president of Spanish Club, a tutor, and an avid visitor of Chicago restaurants. She also enjoys doing yoga and playing with her cat. She got involved in writing for Her Campus because journalism has always been a big interest of hers. It is a great way to find out what interests her, such as clothes! After college she plans to go to law school and this summer she is interning at Northwestern Law’s Center on Wrongful Conviction.

Katie Burkhart is a political science and psychology double-major from Indianapolis, Indiana. Her extracurricular activities include Student Government (in which she serves as a representative for the class of 2014), Delta Gamma Fraternity, and winter drumline. Katie is excited to work with Her Campus to help bring UChicago students together, since it’s often easy to get caught up in work and activities and miss out on a lot of the great things different areas of student life have to offer. Her favorite things are the Indianapolis Colts, raspberries, and Joel McHale, in that order.

Ariana Melendez is a third-year in the College and a pre-med! Her career aspirations include being a pediatrician/endocrinologist/OB-Gyn/doctor of some variety and domestic goddess! She grew up in Fayetteville, North Carolina, but she claims to be an Army brat born, bred, and proud! Her favorite colors are green, yellow, and orange. Her favorite procrastination technique is cleaning her apartment from top to bottom to baking. She is looking forward to studying abroad in the fall!

Lynda Lopez is a first year at the University of Chicago currently considering political science and comparative human development as majors. Lynda has been avidly writing for publications, both online and print, since her sophomore year of high school. During her time in high school, she wrote for the Chicago Tribune, PBS Newshour, and the New York Times Upfront Magazine. She has continued her passion in college and is currently the News and Public Affairs Intern at the University Community Service Center at UChicago as well as heading the news department at a local non-profit. When not writing, she enjoys bike-riding, watching Youtube videos, and hanging out with friends. She is excited to bring Her Campus to UChicago and hopes that it will serve as an informative and entertaining resource for women on campus.
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