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JZ’s Food Journeys: Zed451


To celebrate the amazing weather on Sunday, I went to brunch with a couple of friends to a place called zed451. For those of you who have been to Brazilian Steakhouses such as Fogo De Chao, zed451 does just that, but with brunch!

For $29, you start off your meal by first grabbing some amazing appetizers. From a brussel sprout Caesar salad to cheddar bacon biscuits to panettone French toast to duck confit hash browns, you could just eat these and be perfectly satisfied with your meal! While you are stuffing your face with these, they then bring your sides to you, which are their famous big cinnamon rolls, maple cajun bacon and a tomato basil fritatas. If that wasn’t enough, we haven’t even gotten to the main part of the meal yet! You signal servers by placing a stone on your table and they come by with a variety of meats and dishes, all brunch themed. From fine cuts of sirloin to buffalo chicken and waffles to crab cake benedicts, you eat until you can’t anymore. Then you rest, and continue to eat some more!

My favorite dish of the meal was the chicken and waffles because they served a crispy piece of chicken that was covered in buffalo sauce, on a crisp waffle. I hadn’t seen this interpretation of the dish before and the combination of tangy, sweet, and spicy was an explosion of flavor that I wasn’t expecting!

Overall, the food was scrumptious and the restaurant really put their own twist on many traditional dishes in a buffet style meal. Along with the meal, we also got $3 mimosas and they had a great dessert bar with cheesecake, raspberry oatmeal bars and red velvet cupcakes. I have heard that their dinners are also quite good, but I think that the brunch is special because no other restaurant does something similar. So forget about going to the Med for brunch one weekend and make the trip out! Spring is finally coming and you should take the time to explore the city!

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