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JZ’s Food Journeys: BIG & little’s


I have wanted to go to BIG and little’s since I saw my friend post some pictures online about the experience, so when I found out that it was accessible by Red Line, I immediately made the trip! To get there, you just need to take the Red Line all the way to the Chicago stop and then walk 10 minutes towards New Orleans Street. It is actually really close to the La Cordon Bleu, although I am sure they would not approve of the food being served at BIG & little’s.

BIG & little’s has a very large menu of tacos, po’boys, hamburgers, and sides all made from fresh ingredients. Don’t be fooled by their sloppy exterior because the food they serve, especially the seafood, is all delivered daily and never frozen. Some of their specials include the soft shell crab taco and the pork belly po’boy, which many people have described as a bargain for the quality and amount of pork it has.

Since I wanted to try some of their seafood, I decided to order the soft shell crab po’boy and I split the foie gras fries with my friends. The po’boy was heavenly! The soft shell crab was nice and crunchy, but didn’t have an oily after taste that most other fried foods have. It was also a really simple sandwich because it was just lettuce, a spicy remoulade sauce and the seafood, which makes it even more impressive that it was so enjoyable. The foie gras fries were not the best; I thought that it was difficult to eat since I anticipated more of a pate slathered over the fries. It was also super expensive ($16) so I think that if you want a side, you should just get their truffle fries instead.

Overall, a really great experience and it is another restaurant I can check off my list before I graduate. Since the Red Line is closing on May 19th, make sure that you make the trip soon, especially since the weather is gorgeous!

As always, check out my food blog for other recipes and restaurant reviews!

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