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“Get Ready, Set, Dance!”

When people use the phrase “dancing the night away,” one does not usually expect non-stop hours of dancing. A night of dancing with a few friends sounds more like a typical night of dancing. In the case of students from the University of Chicago’s Dance Marathon team, this phrase takes on another meaning.

Every year, over 100 students at UChicago participate in an event called “Dance Marathon” in which students fundraise money to participate in the 12 hour  long dance event. All proceeds from the fundraising go to the Children’s Place Association, which helps support children affected by HIV/AIDS and other serious illnesses. The event this year is taking place on April 16, 2011 from 2pm-2am at Ida Noyes.

Dance Marathon at UChicago has been successful over the past few years. It helped raise over $17,000 in 2009 and has only been increasing in popularity.

Marley Pillion, a second year chemistry major, has been involved with Dance Marathon since her first year at the University of Chicago. “I participated with my house last year and absolutely loved it,” said Pillion. “Twelve hours of dancing flies by with all the fun you are having.”

During the event, the Dance Marathon volunteers and board members help keep the dancers entertained and lively with games and dance tutorials. Pillion loved the experience so much that she applied to be a board member her second year. This year she has been in charge of recruiting dancers to Dance Marathon.

For some, Dance Marathon may not seem compelling enough to participate, but Pillion wants students to see the uniqueness behind the event.

“It is truly the quintessential college experience,” she says. “It is the best time in college thus far.”

Lynda Lopez is a first year at the University of Chicago currently considering political science and comparative human development as majors. Lynda has been avidly writing for publications, both online and print, since her sophomore year of high school. During her time in high school, she wrote for the Chicago Tribune, PBS Newshour, and the New York Times Upfront Magazine. She has continued her passion in college and is currently the News and Public Affairs Intern at the University Community Service Center at UChicago as well as heading the news department at a local non-profit. When not writing, she enjoys bike-riding, watching Youtube videos, and hanging out with friends. She is excited to bring Her Campus to UChicago and hopes that it will serve as an informative and entertaining resource for women on campus.
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