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Film Screening: The Island President


After a nice long, break filled with sleep, family and relaxation, keep the fun going with a movie night! But instead of a lighthearted rom-com or a comedy, pop by the Harper Memorial Library Thursday night for the educational and interesting “The Island President.”

The film is the story of the island Maldives president Mohamed Nasheed. Watch as the president takes on the task of democracy in a formally despotic ruled country and the responsibility of the island’s survival, with all his trials and struggles coming to a point at the Copenhagen Climate Summit. With the island’s fate in his hands, Nasheed must appeal to other developing nations on the issue of climate change. The low-lying islands are slated to become uninhabitable with a sea level rise of three feet. See how the president leads a nation and pressures the global political community to come together in a fight against climate change!

When: Thursday, January 10

Where: Harper Memorial Library

Time: Begins at 6:30

Cost: Free!!

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Kali West

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