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Cold Weather Date Ideas

With temperatures dropping, the idea of leaving our warm rooms sounds highly unappealing. But combat the rut of winter dates of endless Thai takeout! There are a multitude of fun dates in the winter that won’t freeze your tail off.

  • Take advantage of the wonderful food that Chicago has to offer during restaurant week. From January 24th to February 6th, many of Chicago’s best restaurants are offering prix fixe menus. Pick one and find your new favorite date spot!
  • If it’s not too cold out, ice skating in Millennium Park is open until early March this year, so go take some touristy pictures at the Bean and enjoy the beautiful ice rink.
  • Winter is the perfect time for warm beverages, so head on down for afternoon tea at the Russian Tea Room. With their huge selection of savories and sweets to go with their tea, it’s a date that you’ll enjoy and look forward to repeating.
  • Hyde Park is home to a number of great coffee shops, perfect for spending a day studying outside the Reg. The Sip and Savor (53rd and Hyde Park Boulevard) and Robust (63rd and Woodlawn) are both excellent choices.
  • If you’re willing to take a walk and brave the cold, a bonfire at the Point is always a great way to spend an evening with your significant other. Take some ingredients for s’mores and spend a tranquil evening looking at the skyline.
  • If all else fails and it’s too cold to leave the warmth of your heated room, takeout and Netflix never fail to please. After all, what is winter for if not for cuddling?
An English major who grew up in the Middle East with a love for food, reading, sunny days, and cheesy movies. 
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