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Brandon Wallace ’15

Name: Brandon Wallace

Year: 4th 

Hometown: Santa Clarita, CA 

Major: Political Science 

Campus Activities: Sigma Chi! But I’ve also played water polo and held a few on-campus jobs. 

Favorite Class: Mega Events—it’s just a survey course about things like the Olympics.  Doesn’t get much cooler than that. 

Something on your bucket list: Not saying “no” to any of the ridiculous adventures my friends invite me on.  Most recently, I performed rap karaoke in the heart of Englewood.  I survived. 

Proudest Accomplishment: Finishing the LSAT. That was awful. 

Ideal Date: I love trying new and completely random things.  It really doesn’t even matter if it’s fun: everything is either a good time or a good story.  After that, cocktails. I love a good Vesper martini. 

Celebrity Crush: Toss-up between Emma Watson and Carrie Underwood. No wrong choice there. 

Good Mood Movie: That Thing You Do!—I watched it with my parents probably 50 times as a kid, so even if it weren’t a really uplifting movie, I’d love it for the nostalgia alone. 

Most re-read book: My honest answer is probably one of the Harry Potter books, but I’d love to be able to say something like “The Great War of Our Time” by Michael Morell. 

Best Study Spot on Campus: I usually like the first floor of the Reg because of how social it is. Then I realize I got nothing done in the past four hours and walk home to work in my bedroom. 

Would you rather backpack through Europe or vacation in the Caribbean? Travelling is about new adventures, not just sitting on a beach.  Europe all the way!

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I am currently a junior at the University of Chicago with a love for all things Paris and Pi Beta Phi.
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