The *Right* Way to End the School Year

5). Start Packing Early

 Most my just wait till the last day of school to pack but the earlier the better in this case. If you begin to pack up earlier, you are less likely to leave behind anything and it's less to worry about as exam week gradually takes its toll on you.

4). Renew Lease

 Number four on our list goes to those "too cool for school kids" living in apartments. Renewing your lease is very important if you plan on living in an apartment the following year. It could solidify you a good space and less annoying roommates to deal with. 

3). Party!

Party....Way before and after exams of course. All work and no play should be your motto to rebel against as the last semester ends. Partying after exams just stands signify a completion of a hectic and stressful college year you just experienced. 

2). Be Spontaneous

At number two on our list is to be spontaneous! Schools almost over so it wouldn't hurt to maybe be spontaneous and make a move on that guy or girl you been eyeing awesome Esther long. Summer would be the perfect time to maybe start a romantic relationship being that there's more time in our hands to not worry about staying academically focused so why not?


1). Plan for Next Year

Number one on our list speaks for itself. You can never go wrong with planning ahead. Whether it's to sign up for next semester's classes early, or even making a list of accomplishments for the following year, all will serve you well in the end.  Plan bigger and better goals for the next year and STICK TO IT!