YEG Business Highlight: Reform Restoration

Reform Restoration is a local Edmonton business that specializes in shoe cleaning and restoration. The brand is catered to sneakerheads, white shoe enthusiasts, and lazy people alike. As someone who has more pairs of shoes than I should, I know that keeping my shoes looking decent is a lot more work than I want to put in. I sat down (virtually) with RR’s owner and founder, Noah Sulit to ask him a few questions about starting a business in a pandemic, working with his passions, and life in general as a young entrepreneur. Here are some things I found out about Noah’s business:


About Reform Restoration:

“Reform Restoration provides a mobile sneaker cleaning service to Edmonton and area. We have three different packages, varying in the degree of cleaning needed for each pair of shoes. We have the classic, which includes a general cleaning of the shoe, laces, sole, and exterior along with pickup, delivery, and a deluxe reusable bag. Our Replenish Package includes all the classic does in addition to scuff repair and suede renap where needed. Lastly, the Resurrection Package includes everything from the other two packages as well as a whitening/painting of the midsole. Our packages range from $20-$30.”


On starting his company during the COVID-19 shutdown and overcoming obstacles:

“My shoes are very important to me. A pair of clean, fresh looking shoes can elevate your appearance no matter how bad you may actually feel on the inside. I am so passionate about clean shoes that I actually clean my shoes after each time I wear them. I eventually started cleaning my friends’ shoes and then my business took off from there.”

“The business idea actually came to me after I got laid off from my previous job during the COVID-19 shut down. I knew I needed another job, but I wanted something related to my passions and that would allow me to have a flexible schedule. The idea of cleaning shoes just came to me and since then, I have been getting paid to do something I actually enjoy. So, in a way, COVID really brought out something positive for me when everything was becoming crazy in the world. I really owe my success to the fact that the shutdown led to my layoff (and of course the support of my friends and family).

Anyway, I know that a fresh pair of shoes can make a world of difference for me, so I know that there are other people like that out there. But my services aren’t just for avid shoe collectors or people who have dirtied their white converse. I have worked with leather shoes from businesspeople, worn yet salvageable shoes from healthcare workers, and shoes from the average consumer. I feel like everyone deserves to have presentable footwear.”


Does your company have a goal or a mission?

Reform Restoration was founded on the idea of feeling good in what you have on your feet. Our mission is that our customers will receive personalized and efficient service with the ultimate goal of feeling clean and fresh from the ankle down. Reform Restoration aims to prevent your shoes from ever going into the trash.


What makes RR unique?

“Reform Restoration is unique because it is run by me, a local Edmonton guy who will pick up your shoes, make them look great, and drop them off again. I treat each pair of shoes that we service as if it is my own, meaning that I take extra steps to ensure that I have restored those shoes to the best of my ability.”


Anything you would like to add about your business or otherwise?

“Being a young entrepreneur forces you out of your comfort zone. It makes you want to get everything you didn’t have. It’s really rewarding to know whatever you put your mind to is achievable. For anyone out there who is passionate and wants to take that step: do it. Look into other places like Vancouver, Toronto, and other big cities and see what businesses they have. Chances are, if it’s popular there and we don’t have it here yet, it will do well. Run with it. People will support you no matter what and support can come from the least likely of places.”

Reform Restoration can be found on Instagram @reformrestoration. They service Edmonton and area and are currently working on expanding the company to Winnipeg and Vancouver. 


*The quotes in this article have been edited for clarity and cohesion.