Why Thanksgiving is More Than a Long Weekend

Typically, people associate Thanksgiving with it being a long weekend, sleeping in and not having to go to class. As much as that’s really fun and stuff I think most people forget the meaning of thanksgiving. A lot of people will post pictures on social media of professional photos with family and friends and talk about the stereotypical reasons why they are thankful on Thanksgiving, but the real meaning is lost behind the cliché family photos and we lose the real meaning behind thanksgiving.  So here are some important things to consider on thanksgiving


1. Put that phone down, you don’t need to focus on snapping and instreaming that pumpkin pie


We are trying to give into the perfect image of stereotypical Thanksgiving of the pumpkin pie, turkey and nice decor and as much as that’s wonderful you should really be in the moment during Thanksgiving. Contribute to the conversation around your family and friends and be present in the moment rather caring about likes or camera angles or having your friends see your dinner plate. This is my nieces second thanksgiving where she can probably remember it, so my focus is going to pretty much on making it memorable for her and watch her indulge on the holiday. 


2. Family isn’t alive forever so enjoy every little moment with them


Whether you’re going home from being in university for the first time in a few months or actually live in the same city or house with your family we need to be mindful that there’s so many years we get with our older family members and so many holidays left. Let’s be present and in the moment with them, making memories. Tomorrow is never promised so let’s be engaging with your family members and focus on each other and the memories you shared. Unfertile my godmother got diagnosed with cancer this past year, so I’m trying to really make every holiday and moment count with her and try to share every memory with her around.


3. Not everyone gets to go home for the holidays….


If you have a friend who may be stuck on campus or in a different city from their parents and can’t afford to go home, invite them to your family’s Thanksgiving, show them how you celebrate and let them be part of the festivities and warmth. Showing that hospitality and generosity will make your friendship stronger and show how grateful you are for them as well.


4. Friendsgiving

If you and a bunch of people aren’t going home for the holidays it shouldn’t mean that you skip out on the holidays entirely. Invite a bunch of people in your residence building and celebrate together.  Thanksgiving isn’t just about family. It’s about and people you share close personal bonds to, people in your everyday life. This is a great time to share memories and make lifelong friendships with fellow students who don’t get the privilege to go home.