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Why Sex Workers Need Protection

It's hard to believe that in 2020 the protection and rights of sex workers are still issues. The fact that numerous 

governments have not yet developed a bill to protect sex workers is frustrating. There is currently no protection 

for sex workers.  All humans deserve the right to feel safe at work. As someone who chooses not to participate in

sex work, I believe it is morally wrong and very dangerous to not have any legislation to protect these individuals.

The Effects Criminalizing Sex Work and the Buyer:

Most times sex workers are required to put the protection of the buyer before their own safety. This 

puts sex workers in danger because they have nowhere to turn to and seek help if something goes 

wrong. Usually sex workers are required to meet their clients in obscure places where they can’t be 

caught or found; this puts the workers safety even more at risk as it is difficult to access help if needed.

There is a very high rate of abuse and mortality for these workers and their client(s). 

You Can Decriminalize Sex Work While Keeping Trafficking Illegal

Legalizing sex work does not mean removing laws or penalties around sexual exploitation, forced labor, 

trafficking, rape or sexual assault. Anyone who commits these crimes should still be held accountable for 

their actions persecuted as necessary.

This Is a Humans Rights Issue

It is a basic human right that everyone should feel safe and free from abuse and harm. 

Regardless of your area of work, people should always feel safe in their job. Just because 

sex work is frowned upon by society does not mean they are less deserving of safety and

protection. These people are living, breathing, human beings with family members and 

friends, and they should have the same rights as any employed individual.  Thousands of sex 

workers are abused and even killed because there is no protection in place for them. Unfortunately,

sex workers can’t report their clients because they could be persecuted, which means the client can 

get away with doing this to other sex workers which puts the safety of many people at risk.

This Is A Medical Issue

HIV/AIDS and many other STI’s are a high risk in sex work. The fact there is no protection or medical 

disclosure for sex workers or their clients is extremely dangerous for them, and the general population.

It can be very easy to catch an STI, and some of these diseases are asymptomatic, meaning they don’t 

show signs or symptoms, but can still be passed from partner to partner. Even though there are some

community supports that go out and give sex workers condoms, this is not enough. The fact there is no 

medical disclosure for neither the worker nor the client means it is easy to spread the infections from person 

to person without knowing who gave what to whom. Sex workers need a system where they and their client 

must disclose all infectious diseases and allow withdrawal from sexual activity.

It's None Of Your Business Why They Do It

There are many reasons why sex workers choose to participate in this line of work, ranging from poor income, 

not being able to find a job, the hours fitting their lifestyle, needing to pay high tuition costs, etc. Or they could do 

it because they simply like it and they want to. It isn’t anyone’s business why they choose to do what they 

do. People do not have the right to judge the choices of others, as you don’t know what is happening in their life. 

Everyone should agree that regardless of why anyone decides their profession, they are entitled to feel safe and 

have protection.

Kate Puim

U Alberta '24

Visual Communications graduate turned psychology student. I'm a master at finding affordable beauty products and stylish outfits. I dig coffee, chocolate, bold lipstick and pandas. Mental health advocate and your new best friend.
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