Why Glee Is More Than Just A TV Show

I've recently started watching Glee again from the very beginning. It's coming up to 5 years since the last episode aired and it's got me nostalgic about a simpler time. But if we are being honest, it was a lot more than just a show. It gave me, as well as many others from my generation, many valuable things:


It gave me a musical education

As someone who loves music and singing, I do not think I would have had the vast musical repertoire I have now if I had not watched Glee. It covers every musical genre, and I mean literally every one. Bonus is that I can now relate to my parents on a different level. 


It opened my eyes to different forms of bullying

While I can only understand mean girls and the bullying that comes along with that, Glee made it clear that there are so many more forms of bullying. I’ve never been locked in a portapotty or thrown in a dumpster or even had a slushy thrown in my face. It makes so many people aware of bullying; it even opens eyes to little things, like not getting a bus that accommodates a person in a wheel chair because it’s too expensive. 


People are just people, popular or not 

The glee club was filled with kids from all different backgrounds. What was really nice about the glee club was that popular kids and non popular kids all with different interests and backgrounds, all come together to sing and compete together. It really is just a feel good show and makes you believe you can be friends with anyone. 


Creative outlets are really important

If you take anything from the glee club, it should be this. While there was so much going on in all the glee kids lives, they always had music to express their feeling and emotions. Musical theatre was super important for me in high school and it benefited me so much in the sense that I could express myself freely in a creative way that I enjoyed.


You don’t have to fit into just one box

Glee club is filled with football players and cheerleaders, musical theatre kids and musicians. No matter what your thing was, the show really emphasized the idea that you can do and enjoy more than one thing. 


While it was very eye opening back when it first aired, I feel Glee is even more revalent today. It opens peoples eyes and educates so many to the different facets of the social aspect of high school. High school is a very important time in everyone’s lives, and it can really share who you become.