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Where’s the Coffee? 5 Places to Get Coffee on Campus

The following is an overview of my personal opinion and experience at various coffee places around campus. Take this information in a similar way that friends give you advice followed by a “but I dunno though”.


Tim Hortons (CAB)

Tim Hortons is a Canadian classic, so it makes sense that the line is nearly always very long- especially in the periods just after classes let out. When you arrive back to Cameron after a trip to “the good water fountain” in CAB you will almost always be asked to report on the Tims line.

Pros: Inexpensive, serves decent food, ‘Roll Up the Rim’ (can also be a con depending on how you look at it, but I won twice last week)

Cons: Long lineups/wait times, there are often errors, closes kind of early at 6PM (5PM on Fridays)


Cookies by George (HUB)

Cookies by George has never truly disappointed me. They are a consistent beacon of hope shining in the bleakness of HUB. My favourite thing is the different flavours of self-serve coffee with the assortment of milk and cream options. Also, if you pay cash you don’t really have to wait in line and there is really only a line in the mornings between classes.

Pros: They have a stamp card (even though I have like 10 of these kicking around and have only cashed in twice in my long career), good prices, tasty cookies

Cons: Lattes aren’t very good


Starbucks (CAB, CCIS, ECHA)

The location I visit the most is the CAB one, which also happens to be the worst one. The one in CAB is fun, though, because for a while they exclusively wrote “Brian” on my cups. I had a conspiracy for a bit that there was always someone actually named Brian who ordered the same things as me (and was my soulmate). Now they have just stopped using names all together (at least when I go). Both the CCIS and ECHA locations have pretty decent seating and are in fancy science buildings, so they wouldn’t be a bad spot for a date or something else, if you manage to score a seat.

Pros: Fancy/boujee drinks, Star rewards program, many locations, food is alright in a pinch (as long as they have stock), open later than Tim Hortons (still not late enough though…)

Cons: Not ‘official’ Starbucks, so they apparently make drinks wrong, can be expensive, line is long during breaks


The Daily Grind/The Undergrind (SUB)

I have been here probably less than 10 times in the past 4 years, but I have enjoyed my experiences. Also, they fund the Student’s Union, so that’s good.

Pros: Pricing is okay, funds Student’s Union (as I stated above) and hosts awareness events

Cons: The cinnamon buns are overhyped and kind of dry


Second Cup (CCIS, Business Atrium)

I don’t visit Second Cup often anymore, but I did frequent the CCIS location in my first year when I had a class in Bio Sci. Last time I checked out the one in the Business Atrium at the beginning of December, Second Cup didn’t have holiday tea-despite advertising for Holiday London Fogs. They also seemed apathetic and unsympathetic upon delivering this news to me.

Pros: Decent seating options

Cons: Pricey, closed at strange hours that I don’t understand


Hopefully you were able to benefit in some way from this, as I am sure you enjoy coffee, beverages, etc. I also once had someone tell me that he thinks the coffee from Subway is better than Tim Hortons, take that startling news as you will.  


Breanne D

U Alberta '19

Co-founder and proud alumna of Her Campus at UAlberta.
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