Where I Find Masks

I know wearing a face mask isn’t a fashion issue, it is a human rights issue. Everyone has the right to feel safe and it is our social responsibility to wear one. That being said there is no reason that your masks cannot make a statement. I have found that nothing can spice up light wash jeans and a white t-shirt like a mask. In this article, I will mention some of my favourite websites to buy masks from. 


Last Shot Apparel

It is easiest to find this store on Instagram. Briggs the designer has a passion for sustainable fashion and runs a local business at only 21. Her page is full of reworks and originals. The best part about Last Shot Apparel is that she is open to doing custom pieces. If you have seen a mask that you cannot justify purchasing based on price or you simply can’t find what you want online she can help!



Etsy is a great place for face masks. According to a statement they released, face masks are searched for 9 times per second on their website. Other than just pure demand I think a lot of people like myself go to Etsy because you can snag some very unique items. I am also a huge fan of a large portion of their selection being handmade. So I recommend looking here as well.



I wear my Aritzia face mask everywhere. Aritzia always sells the best basics and the face masks were no disappointment. I bought it in white and I wear it with a gold glasses chain I bought off Etsy. I got so many compliments on it at work and it was only $10. I ordered it on a Monday and got it Wednesday. I could not recommend Aritzia masks more.