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What Lover Song Are You On Valentines Day?

Miss Americana and the Heart Break Prince

You are no depressed damsel in distress. You’re ok being alone because you know you will find the right one eventually. However, for now, you’re flying solo and you’re ok with that. You’re not phased by Valentine’s Day and you go on with your day being independent. You are content with the way you are and anyone that comes into your life is just an extra bonus.

I Think He Knows

Everyone has that one person in their lecture or friend group that they are into. Whether you talk casually or all time, you really like them and you’re curious about what could happen between the two of you. However, you’re waiting on them make a move.

Paper Rings

You have been seeing each other for a long time and you are sure they are the one. You guys are in sync with each other and it feels right. You can see the rest of your life with that person and can’t imagine a life without them. You would say yes even to a paper ring.


You have been seeing someone for a little bit but you want something more serious with them. You are content with them but want it to progress further than it has because you want to call them yours.

It’s Nice To Have A Friend

It’s Galantine’s day and it’s all about you and your best friend, as it should be. Nothing is more powerful than friendship and you guys have the strongest bond and shared memories that will last a lifetime.

You Need to Calm Down

Enough said. Love is love. Let’s embrace it.

I Forgot That You Existed

This song is for everyone who broke up with their significant other in 2020 before Valentine’s Day. You’re over it. You’re not hurt or hateful, you’re just indifferent about the situation. You are ready to move on to find a summer romance and you’re leaving the past behind you. You came to terms that that relationship wasn’t for you and you’re excited about what’s ahead.

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