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Unique Local Plant Shops You Should Be Supporting

I think it's fair to say that almost everyone has developed some new hobbies and new interests while trying to stay sane during the past year. House plants and surrounding ourselves with growing greenery seems to be a popular one! Although big-box stores like Home Depot and Canadian Tire can be wonderful for finding cute house plants on a budget, these unique local plant shops deserve your support.


23108 AB-16, Sherwood Park


Located just outside Sherwood Park, is my personal favourite - Greenland. 

Not only is Greenland one of the largest local garden centres in the area, but I find it has the most selection with the best prices! Greenland is especially popular for their selection of indoor tropical plants, but also carry a huge variety of outdoor plants. They also have plenty of garden supplies, home/ garden decor, and even a little cafe to stop for coffee while you browse. Open for in-store shopping, Greenland also offers online shopping and curb-side pickup. Greenland’s staff is so knowledgeable about all plants and their needs, and in my opinion is the most beginner friendly local shop!

Salisbury Greenhouse

52337 Range Rd 232, Sherwood Park


While you're at Greenland, swing by and check out Salisbury! Both located in Sherwood Park, Salisbury is quite comparable to Greenland. They both offer a similar selection of plants, supplies, and decor, however I do find Greenland to be a tad more affordable.


13851 127 St NW, Edmonton (Inside Lucky Supermarket)


Botaniful is a great local plant shop located in North Edmonton. Botaniful offers online shopping, curb-side pickup, and delivery options to aid indulging in plant shopping during the pandemic. Shopping in store is permitted but only with a pre-booked appointment to limit the amount of customers within the store. Botaniful’s staff is especially knowledgeable regarding plant needs and pests. If you prefer ordering online, each plant has a description and their needs spelt out on the website!


10826 95 St NW, Edmonton


Located in Little Italy downtown, Zocalo is where my love for plants started. Attached to a delicious cafe, Zocalo offers a great selection of indoor plants and cut flowers. They are currently open for in-store shopping, online shopping, and curb-side pickup. Like the other shops, Zocalo has knowledgeable staff and a wide variety to choose from, but what makes Zocalo so unique is their pots! They have the most beautiful, colourful Talavera pots and garden decor. Their pots alone are definitely worth checking out, and I guarantee you won't leave without a new plant!

Little Plant Shop

8116 Gateway Blvd NW, Edmonton


This cozy local shop is worth checking out just for the sole sight of how many plants they manage to stuff into their tiny store! Little Plant Shop is located just off Whyte Avenue and they too have a great selection of indoor tropicals and household decor. Little Plant Shop is currently closed for in-store shopping, but offers curb-side pickup and delivery. Once they open back up for in-store shopping, wear your mask and a cute outfit because the aesthetics of the shop is prime for a photoshoot!

Apache Seeds

10136 149 St NW #10136, Edmonton


Apache Seeds doesn't have a huge selection of plants, but I wanted to include them because if there is one shop to support on this list, it's this one. Apache Seeds is a family business that has been serving the Edmonton community for more than 60 years. This store has the best selection of grow lights, growing mediums, seeds, garden tools, and so much more. They have indoor tropicals, annuals, perennials, and bedding plants. They are currently offering in-store shopping, online shopping, and curb-side pickup. Apache Seeds is definitely not one to overlook!

Supporting local is so crucial in these trying times. Buying from one of these local plant shops allows for a personalized experience where friendly staff can help you pick plants that are suited best for you and your space. There's no way you’ll leave empty handed after visiting any of these local shops!

Abigail DiLullo (she/her) is an undergraduate student completing an English and Creative Writing degree at the University of Alberta. New to the “Her Campus Team”, she is eager to continue to develop her voice and share facets of herself through her writings. When she isn’t writing, you can usually catch her reading books, watching films, going on walks, listening to music spanning through the decades and hanging out with her beloved cat Penny. She is currently trying to discover who she is and who she is meant to be.
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