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Top 5 Transitional Aritzia Pieces (Personal Stylist Approved)

In the middle of a pandemic, most of us have found ourselves “adding to cart” a lot more frequently than before. I would definitely consider online shopping an essential service, especially as a form of self-care. I consulted with some of the best, to share with you the MUST-HAVES to create a well-balanced, all season-closet. 

To give you the best possible advice, I had one of Aritzia’s very best personal style advisors (Hannah) share her well-informed advice as to what to add to your cart. (linked below is her Instagram if you’re interested in more style-advice or if you want a more personal guide as to what’s best for you!)

Item 1- TNA Atmosphere Legging (Item No. 63046), $68.

These leggings are easily a staple in every girl’s closet. You can never have too many black leggings, and “these are basically the same as aligns, except half the price.” Hannah mentions this first as it’s obviously wearable through all seasons, for workouts, and “make you feel naked, exactly what you want in a legging.”

Item 2- Babaton Slip Skirt (Item No. 72955), $98.

Finding a skirt that you won’t hate the next year is hard to come by. The slip skirt is the skirt of your dreams. Hannah lists the benefits of “a. It doesn’t wrinkle, makes it perfect for travel. b. comes in a thousand colours, once you have one you’ll want them all. c. Great for winter AND summer. Warm it up with a turtleneck and boots, or cool down with a blouse and sandals” which makes it an easy to transition piece that your closet has been missing.

Item 3- the MOST obvious, Babaton Contour Bodysuit (Item No. 69983), $48.

I will admit, this is a new addition that as soon as it arrived, I went online to buy one of every colour. I have never had a bodysuit not ride up and smooth me as well as this one did. Hannah has even admitted that this is an “easy add-on in the fitting room, as almost everyone who tries it buys it.” It’s double-lined, perfect for no bra and holding it’s shape. Thank us later.

Item 4- Babaton Everyday T-Shirt (Item No. 67557), $30.

Another personal fav, this tee is “the perfect tee. It’s the perfect amount cropped- sits below the belly button so you can still tuck, but still has a cropped look to it.” This tee is also made of the most comfortable fabric, and “doesn’t pill” a total lifesaver in not having to replace every month due to excessive wear.

Item 5- New Plunge Front Cardigan (formerly the Thais Cardigan) (Item No. 76032), $138.

A bit more on the pricey side, but this is a classic, all-season cardi. Hannah advises that this is “extremely easy to style. You can wear it with a bodysuit or cami underneath, closed and slouched back as a nice cardi or even backward!” This also comes in different colours to suit your closet needs and is the “nicest weight for all seasons.”

Almost all of these items are popular for a reason. If you find yourself online and unsure of what will hold up in quality, THESE items are tried and trusted. Also, now that the stores have opened back up, Aritzia provides some of the best customer service and you can almost always get the personalized shopping experience to find what truly works for you. 

For some more items if you either a) are sold on the top five or b) find yourself addicted to the world of online shopping Hannah also suggests: 

The Wilfred Ruffle Cami (Item No. 68083), $68, and the Wilfred Only Slip Dress (Item No. 75717) $118. The cami is an easy piece to throw on to “elevate any outfit”. Hannah mentions this one as it comes in tons of colours and takes the boringness of a tank top and makes it an easy competitor with a bodysuit to wear out. The slip dress is also mentioned, as it’s similar to the plunge cardigan as it can be dressed up OR down, and can be worn all year. Hannah brings us into the stylization of her coworkers as “most girls will throw a crew neck and sneakers on to dress it down” while also noting it’s total “wedding attire” if worn alone with a nice pair of heels. It’s also worth noting that online pics do NOT do it justice, the seams actually come in and out to give an hourglass figure making it the perfect piece for any body type. 

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