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The Top 5 DIY Halloween Costumes

Are you stuck on what you want to dress up as this year? Do you have to dress up in order to get into a party? Is it last minute and you need to look like you attempted to put some effort in? Have no fear! Here are my top 10 choices for do it yourself Halloween costumes for the college student on a budget.

Dress up as your favourite television/movie or even book characters! 

This way you can go by yourself, go with a group and judge those who haven’t binged Gossip Girl on Netflix!

Dress up in a different decade! 

1920s, 1950s, 1980s! Make sure to put on a character and use their vernacular!

Fruit and Vegetables

Who doesn’t love a zesty pineapple? Jam the night away with some jars of pickles!

Make Something Inanimate, Animate!

Glue on some cotton balls and be a cloud. Pin on some pom-pom balls and become a bubble gum machine.

Embrace your Inner Animal!

Be that traditional cat and paint those cheetah prints on your face, or walk around with an umbrella with streamers attached and be a jelly fish. 

Photo By Mara Palahniuk

Whatever the reason, whatever you choose, own it and be creative! Have a safe and Spooky Halloween!


Mara Palahniuk

U Alberta '22

Mara is currently a second year majoring in English and minoring in Creative-Writing. She hopes to go into education as she believes that her true purpose in life is to teach. When Mara isn't reading, writing, or drinking wine and watching Netflix, Mara dances with the professional Ukrainian Shumka Dancers and teaching dance at Windermere Music Academy. Favourite colour: Green Favourite Movies: Singing in the Rain, Roman Holiday and How to Train your Dragon Favourite Food: Chocolate Favourite Wine: All of it!
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