There is a War on My Country and it Rages On

The opinions expressed in this article are the author's own and do not reflect the views of Her Campus.

Ukraine is an independent country that is often described as constantly struggling with its independence.  All my life I grew up with an extremely proud Ukrainian family. However, it seems that Ukrainian Canadians gain/regain their passion and patriotism based on the fight against pro-Russian movements. That is a sense of pride for us though; Ukraine will never stop their fight for their true freedom. 

Since 2013, Ukraine has been in armed conflict with pro-Russian groups. During the attack at the protests of Euromaidan pro-Russian groups “secret police and military” or Yanukovych’s men were sent to stop the peaceful protest. Yanukovych who was Ukraine’s president at the time now resides in Russia under their protection. 

After the 130 confirmed deaths at the protests in Maidan came the annexation of Crimea.  While Putin and other Russian sources have denied involvement and presence of “regular armed forces in Ukraine”, Valentyn Nalyvaichenko, Head of the Security Service of Ukraine has stated that current conflict in Ukraine is a "direct invasion by Russia of Ukraine". 

It is stated that in 2017, on average one Ukrainian soldier died in combat every three days. 

Since 2013, there have been 4,300 killed, 71 missing and more than 11,813 confirmed wounded. 

The fighting is obviously not over and in the past couple days, September 20 and 21, 2019, four Ukrainian soldiers have been wounded after armed forces of Russian Federation and missionaries violated the ceasefire seven times with seven attacks in Donetsk. 

Like I mentioned though, Ukraine will never stop fighting. Neo-Cossacks, Caucasian and Central Asian armed groups, Chechen paramilitaries, Ossetian and Abkhaz paramilitaries, Armed Forces of Ukraine, National Guard of Ukraine, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Security Service of Ukraine, Pro-government paramilitaries and many other insurgent groups are all proof of this. 

For me, this is a war on my family, on my culture, my history.  It may not be a big, well known about place, but it is beautiful, and this war is wreaking havoc on that. It’s inflicting chaos on my people.  Yet thousands of people around the world are ignorant to the situation. 

There is war in my country, and it rages on.

Image: “Berkut riot police officers attack anti-govenment protesters on the European Square in central Kyiv on Nov. 25, 2013” – Kyiv Post