Sustainable Christmas Gifts

The Christmas season is upon us and although it’s very exciting, it’s actually a holiday that creates a lot of waste. Therefore it's so important to be thoughtful when buying gifts. Here’s a list of some gifts that you could give this holiday season.



If you’re a university student like me, I’m pretty sure you’ll be more than appreciative when someone gives you food. For Christmas, perhaps making something like festive cookies or even treating someone to a free meal, could really make someone’s day. I know for me, I always appreciate the thought that goes into someone’s presents, and if someone gives me food that they know I love or they really want me to try, I know that it’s something that I will love.


Offset Carbon Emissions

Lots of people go on vacation for the Christmas holidays. This can be a really great experience but traveling has negative impacts on the environment. A gift that you could give someone going on a trip is offsetting the carbon emissions that occur when you go on a flight.

Currently, I’m in Costa Rica for the month of December and through Air Canada’s site, I was able to find a link where they are partnered with a company to offset your carbon emissions by using the money that you give to help fund projects that help the planet. There are various other organizations that do the same thing but I chose this one because it was connected to Air Canada.


Reusable Items

Someone you know could be using a lot of single-use plastic regularly perhaps it’s because they don’t have the money to replace it or even know that they can replace it. Buying a reusable item that they can get a lot of use out of is, therefore, a great gift. Something like reusable straws or water bottles are great because you can easily find them are various stores. These could be a nice gift that also helps them lessen the amount that they waste and I think that’s cool.


Make something!

You can make something!!! I think this is something that a lot of people think of and it’s always a good idea. If you are good at something or you know that someone would appreciate something that you would make, then why not make something and give it as a gift. I think knowing that someone has put time and effort into their gift for you is always something that is appreciated.


Thrifted Clothes

Do you think you want to gift someone a really cool piece that they could add to their wardrobe? Check out thrift stores and thrift shops online (Facebook marketplace is actually a great place for this surprisingly!). You can find tons of cool stuff online and in thrift shops and it’s always better to prioritize the things that have already been in existence rather than new clothes when you can!


An Experience/Class

One final gift that I think would be super cool, is the gift of an experience or a class. For example, you could purchase a language class for someone if you know that they really want to learn. Or you could buy a membership for a month at a climbing gym for someone who would really love it (PS: This is something that I would love….. just a hint to those who care). Another cool class could be a cooking class or a dance class. All of these things could not only be a really great experience but I think it’s more meaningful than just a simple knickknack or something they won’t really look at.


Overall, just try to waste less and give more of yourself than actual things. Although I know the allure of material possessions is tempting and sometimes really great (I always want a lot of things), it’s good to be aware of your consumption and how your actions affect the environment.